MShop at Dartmouth

The MShop at Dartmouth is more than a machine shop or a makerspace shop, it is the place to go to turn ideas into reality, for both teaching and research. MShop staff help plan project-oriented curricula and work with Dartmouth engineers, scientists, and students to design and build devices safely and effectively.

Instructors & Staff

Kevin Baron

Manager & Technical Instructor
(603) 646-3261

Lee Schuette

Operations Manager & Technical Instructor
+1 (603) 646-1465

Kelli Kehoe

Service Desk Coordinator
+1 (603) 646-9643

Joseph Poissant

Technical Instructor
+1 (603) 646-3096

Gary Hutchins

Associate Technical Instructor

Daniel DeNauw

Associate Technical Instructor
+1 (603) 646-8798




Cummings Hall, Rm 026
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+1 (603) 646-9643

Contact the for teaching or research requests in machining, making, manufacturing, and fabrication.

Anyone making a request through the main contact, can expect to hear back from a technical instructor within 1–2 business days.

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The MShop at Dartmouth is an instructional workshop serving students, researchers, and faculty. We strive

  • To build deep problem solving and teamwork skills in our community of scholars, through hands-on experiences involving a wide variety of projects that include physical design and realization.

  • To engage the full power of our liberal arts community in teaching and research, to produce innovative solutions to world problems.

  • "To prepare the most capable and faithful for the most responsible positions and the most difficult service." —Sylvanus Thayer

Teaching is our mission. We don’t make things. We make engineers.


  • Support design innovation with a suite of tools, techniques, and training that enable engineering creativity in a safe environment.

  • Support our strength in interdisciplinary engineering and our liberal arts setting by enabling multi-disciplinary projects and cross-campus collaborations.

  • Provide a flexible toolset and a training program that is accessible to non-experts builds core competencies in machining and enables students and faculty to incorporate fabrication in their research and projects.

  • Provide a comfortable, competent, and safe workshop environment.


  • Instructors are professional in appearance and demeanor.

  • Interpersonal relationships are collegial, respectful, and friendly.

  • Teaching takes many forms, including managing student design teams, providing opportunities for practicing skills, and training a student staff.

  • Work environment is collaborative and non-competitive.

  • Skills are drawn from diverse fields.

  • Performance is measured from our clients' perspective.

  • Staff is cross-functional—all of us do all jobs and work all shifts.

  • Everyone is responsible for safety in the workshops.

  • We embrace 5S principles of tidiness and workplace standardization.

  • We provide an effective training program with a focus on hands-on experience.

  • A team of instructors ranging from student helpers through technical staff, are dedicated to enabling users to develop the skills they need.

  • We cultivate collaborations with a diversity of faculty, students, departments, and shops across campus.