Sr. Angel Moronta

Native speaker of Spanish from Venezuela.

M.Ed. in TEFL

Foreign Languages Department

Room: 407

School Telephone: (843) 857-3767


Planning: Block 1 - 8:00 am to 9:25

Tutoring and Conference Availability: 3:25 pm to 3:40 pm


1.- Learn as much about Spanish Speaking World culture, people and language as possible.

2.- Accept that every society or cultural group lives differently.

3.- Do what asked of you when asked.

4.- Study on your own.

5.- Do your homework before you arrive in class.

6.- Participate cooperatively in ALL class activities.

7.- Take notes in class

Class Guidelines and Rules: Consequences:

Be respectful and polite. Warning, Parent Contact, Referral

Be attentive and focused.

Be patient and cooperative. Sunset School

Be on time and prepared.

Be a positive example to others. Dictation/Spelling Day. No HW Passes

Materials Needed DAILY

Pencil & eraser

2 Composition notebooks (1 for warm up, 1 for notes)

highlighter for notes

Spanish-English Dictionary


a roll of scotch tape

MacBook (charged)

General Procedures

1.- Wear your ID and red lanyard every day.

2.- Be on time. The school wide tardy policy is in effect daily.

3.- Dress appropriately according to the school dress code.

4.- I will update grades at least once a week, and so this is the main way I communicate with parents. Please let me know ASAP if you do not have your PowerSchool login information.Put away your book bag, get out your materials, and begin studying, reviewing, or working immediately.

5.- MacBooks will be used regularly, and they are to be used for academic purposes. Please come to school with your device charged and ready to use.

Spanish Class Procedures

1.- School policy states that cellphones are NOT to be used during class time.

2.- Using an online translator to translate work for you is considered cheating, and will result in a grade of 0. I expect you to do your own work.

3.- Come to class prepared everyday with the materials listed above.

4.- Keep all of your notes, work, and handouts from year to year. You will need them for the next level of Spanish.

5.- Your notebook will be graded at the end of the course and will count as a test grade. This is your reward for keeping a complete notebook.

Leaving Class

Any time you leave class you must make up the missed time after class, during lunch or after school. If you are gone ten minutes, you must make up ten minutes. Do all errands and use the restroom between classes. Please do not ask to leave at all.


I don’t plan to use the textbook everyday, but I will do my best to let you know ahead of time if you need to bring it.


Homework will be assigned most weeks. This counts as a daily grade.

Sometimes I will grade homework for correctness, and others it will be checked for completion. If it is a completion grade the scores will be:

100 for a complete, effort given 50 for an incomplete, some effort given

84 for an incomplete, effort given 0 for a complete or incomplete, no effort given

Grading Scale

A = 90-100, B = 80-89, C = 70-79, D = 60-69, F = 0-59

Value per evaluation in %

Tests/Projects 40% (at least 3 per quarter)

Includes any large presentations, performance assessments, Chapter/Unit tests), Projects, Large oral grades/interviews, major assessments.

Quizzes: 30% (at least 4 per quarter)

Includes weekly/daily/short assessments/quick oral readings/pronunciation quizzes/ cumulative bellwork/notebook check

Classwork/Participation: 20 % (at least 10 per quarter)

Includes daily exercise/assignments, Daily bell work, Partner practice/peer reviews, surveys/participation

Homework: 10% (at least 2 per week - 18 per quarter)

Includes daily exercises, assignments at home