Coach Christopher Pietrzak

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Courses offered by the Physical Education Department:

Physical Education I - The focus will be on the four performance indicators adopted by the state of SC. Students must meet the following indicators: demonstrate competency in at least two movement forms, design a personal fitness plan based on the principle of training, maintain a nine-week outside activity, and pass the Fitnessgram test. Semester work will focus on at least one individual sport and one team sport.

Physical Education II - Team and individual sports are taught with emphasis on strategy.

First Semester

1st Period: PE/Health

2nd Period: PE II

3rd Period: PE/Health

4th Period: Planning

Second Semester

1st Period: PE/Health

2nd Period: PE/Health

3rd Period: PE II

4th Period: Planning


Semester 1 PE I @78f44799

Semester 1 PE II @k8cdk4

2019-2020 Academic Advising @3h67kb

Health classes held in Room 600

P.E. classes held in the gym

I joined the faculty at Mayo High School for Math, Science & Technology in 2012-2013. I also work in the Darlington County School District as a Varsity Football Coach and Strength & Conditioning Coach at Hartsville High School.

Colleges and Universities attended

Albion College

    • Albion Michigan

Arkansas State University

    • Jonesboro Arkansas