Mrs. Laura Pigford

Contact Information:

  • Room # 312
  • School Telephone # 843-857-3751
  • Email:
  • Planning: I do not have a planning period during 1st semester. My planning period will be 1st block beginning 2nd semester.

Things you may want to know about me:

I earned my bachelor's degree in mathematics with a concentration in education at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY.

I have been teaching for a total of eleven years, and nine of those years have been at Hartsville High School.

Teaching Philosophy:

My first thought when I meet a new class is always about how much we are going to accomplish this year, and how much we are going to learn from each other. My goal is to teach each member of my class how to think their way through difficult problems. It is my greatest satisfaction as a teacher to see the eyes of a student as they are putting in an honest effort and have a twinkle of realization. I love watching the “light bulb” turning on for them and the pride they feel in themselves for each new found piece of knowledge and accomplishment.