Jay Flowers

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Francis Marion University, B.A. in History

Francis Marion University, M.Ed. in Social Studies

Oklahoma State University, C.Ped.

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Fall Course Schedule:

First Block - World History Honors

Second Block - World History Honors

Phoenix Phocus/Activity Period/Lunch

Third Block - Planning Period

Forth Block - World History Honors

Mr. Flowers' Courses

for 2020-2021

American Government Honors

In United States Government, students examine the operation of major American institutions such as the presidency and the executive branch, the Supreme Court and lower courts, and the United States Congress. Study in the course also focuses on the functions of bureaucracy, the roles of the political parties, the actions of interest and advocacy groups, and the impact of mass media. Students also discuss civil liberties, civil rights, civil responsibilities, and public policies. Taken from the SC Department of Education

Economics Honors

This course will give the students a greater understanding of economics ranging from the viewpoint of the individual consumer or small business owner to the global economy. The course will study the law of supply and demand, forms of business, labor unions, government finances and influence on the economy, money and prices, inflation and deflation cycles. The course relates history and politics to the study of economics.

World History Honors

This honors level course is designed to give students a more in depth understanding of how the people and the countries of the world have become increasingly interconnected. By the end of this course, a student will be able to give an account of how this world is interconnected and what that means for him or herself.