Mrs. Carr-Hudson's Computer Lab


Media Tech

In this course students are introduced to technology and the ways it is used today. Students learn what it is to be a good Digital Citizen and how their Digital Footprint impacts their future. They learn how to construct emails and safely manage their social media accounts and text messages understanding the repercussions of Cyberbullying, Inappropriate Messages, and Viral Threats. Students also gain real-world experience in creating documents in Google Drive and Microsoft Office using different formats and templates.

Fundamentals of Computing

In this high school credit course students gain knowledge of computing concepts using algorithms and the problem solving process. With the online Cengage textbook and, students gain hands-on experience creating and learning about website design, gaming and animations, and app creation. Students are also made aware of networks, the Internet, and computational thinking concepts and history.


Garageband is an awesome app that allows students to compose their own music, podcasts, poetry, and narratives using any iOs device, which in this lab it will be on the iPad. Students will ignite their creativity and love for their styles of music by playing the different instruments and loops in the app. Students will learn from the guidance of the instructor along with model videos to help them create their compositions and final projects.

The Lab of Innovation and Creativity

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The Lab Instructor

About Me

I have three beautiful children and I add on more children every school year because I look at my scholars as my own. I love to read and learn about technology and equitable practices in education. I seek to build relationships with my students in the hopes that I can understand their background and bring the best practices in my classroom to ensure their success.


Below is a list of resources for my scholars and parents.