Zheng Cui 崔正

Chinese I II III IV

Contact Information:

  • Room # 400
  • School Telephone # 843-857-3740
  • Email: zheng.cui@darlington.k12.sc.us
  • Planning: Block 1
  • Remind Codes:

Chinese I 3A: @ci3a

Chinese I 3B: @ci3b

Chinese II S1: @c2s1

Chinese III S1: @c3s1

Chinese Club: @cchhssc

Teacher Professional Biography for Students and Parents


Beijing Language and Culture University, majored in Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language

Professional Experience:

9th year of teaching

2nd year in HHS

Feb.2014-Feb.2016 Chinese Teacher, National Learning Institute ( INA, by its Spanish initials), Costa Rica

Course Types:

Comprehensive Chinese

Spoken Chinese

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Paper-cutting

Chinese History and Geography

Chinese Cuisine Culture

Chinese Music

Chinese Qigong Ba Duan Jin

HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) intensive training & tutoring

Other achievement before:

HSK test center registration, administration and supervision.

3 Costa Rican students recommended and admitted by BLCU with 5-year full

“Chinese government scholarship”