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SPCA Fundraiser

Winter Concert

Student Holiday Interviews

Sports Reviews

Also including a student art feature, and a rare photo of lots of your teachers!

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Mrs. Hannon's kid's SPCA Fundraiser

We just wrapped up participation in Operation Santa Paws which was started by Justin Rudd in California and it has spread to 25 states. My class is reading an article about Operation Santa Paws so therefore we decided to collect supplies for the SPCA.

What type of supplies are you looking for?

Cat toys, dog toys, treats, food, cleaning supplies and blankets.

When does it end?

December 12.

How is it doing so far?

So far we have made everything, we’ve made cat toys with my class and we’ve made dog treats. Another thing is that we are going to combine with Mrs. Fifield’s class, because they are also collecting items for Bertie county so we are going to split our items and some will go to Bertie county and some will go to our SPCA in Manteo.

What should we know about Operation Santa Paws?

I think that this has been a really good program for my kids, who volunteer at the SPCA in Manteo, we actually go on field trips there, and my students all seem to love animals so they all seem very excited to make things for the animals and help the animals out.

Winter Concert

There was a winter concert that took place on December 11th where the Band, Chorus, Jazz and Orchestra performed . We interviewed Mr. Lamberg about it and this is what he said.

What is going on in the winter concert?

The concert is December eleventh, each group played several songs. Sixth grade played a Christmas medley with three songs: "Jingle Bells", "My Dreidel", and "Jolly Old Saint Nick". Seventh grade played "Up on a Housetop", "Frosty the Snowman", and "Christmas Processional". Eighth grade played two songs from The Nutcracker: "The Nutcracker March", "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies", and "Christmas Time is Here" from Charlie Brown. Jazz played "Feliz Navidad" and "This Christmas".

What is your favorite song that was performed?

"Christmas Time is Here" because it's actually stuck in my head. I was singing it over Thanksgiving break.

Student Holiday Interview

What is your New Year's Resolution?

"To get better grades." - Kieren Brethauer (third row middle)

"Do really well in school, have a good reputation and get better grades." - Karalyn Dinkle (third row right)

"To get better at soccer and basketball." - Michael Savage (third row left)

"I want to have no fears" - Ella Walker (first row right)

Do You Have Any Family Traditions?

"We always go to my grandmas." -N’nia Brickhouse (second row middle)

"We always go ice skating." -Ella Walker (first row right)

"We go to my great grandfathers house and our whole family comes to celebrate." -Ayla Baker (first row left)

"A purple ornament is hidden in the Christmas tree and the children in the house try to find it. Whoever finds it first gets a gift card." -Alayna Mooty (first row middle)

How are you celebrating the Holidays?

"Hanging out with my family and decorating." -Lily Turner (second row right)

"I’m going to go ice skating and eat cookies." -Ella Walker (first row right)

"I’m either going to Puerto Rico to surf or going snowboarding." -Vance Plevyak (second row left)

"I’ll be going to Mexico to celebrate Christmas."- Michael Savage (third row left)

Sports Reviews

Our first couple weeks of sports have started and here's a review of the games and matches.

The match on Thursday the 29th or November ended up as a victory for First Flight. Some students deserve a special mention: Azrael Simpson, Blake Austin, and Reagan Riddick. Reagan had a 14 second pin, Azrael wrestled up a weight class and still won. Blake Austin won his match despite having a braking his finger. Thats Seahawk toughness!

Student Art Feature

Here is your art feature for this issue.

Annie Heath

7th Grade

Taylor Newton

8th Grade

Ani D.

7th Grade

Group Photo!

Teachers have been sporting their college gear recently. Be on the lookout for which school your favorite teachers attended!

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