Enrichment Opportunities for 7-12 Students

Dansville High School Honors Academy is an enrichment opportunity for all students in grades 7-12 that will offer opportunities for portfolios, skills & intangibles that help students to succeed in college and career.

Students participating in Honors Academy Enrichment Opportunities will gain experience and practice skills that will help them in future college and career endeavors. They will gain insight into the numerous career opportunities that are presenting themselves for this new technological generation. Students will have the opportunity to hear from professionals in all fields as well as participate in field trips.

Students will also have the opportunity to learn and practice real life employment skills such as resume writing and interviewing techniques.

Building 21st Century Skills

One of Honors Academy goals is to help students attain 21st century skills while also offering opportunities to broaden their real world knowledge base.

Please click on the "Calendar of Events" to see details of offerings. Activities go through January. Please check back later to see additional offerings.