In The News

Marge Guerin, one of our six Reading Partners at Pembroke gives $200.00 to Mrs. Edwards and Dr. Epple for literacy and educational programs at Pembroke. The Reading Partner Volunteer Program is successfully serving in all 13 Danbury elementary schools and all 13 schools received money from the Jewish Communities of Western CT whose mission is to support cultural and educational programs in the community. The $200.00 is earmarked to support students' summer reading. Thank you to all our Pembroke Reading Partners!

Invention Convention 2018

Congratulations to all our Pembroke Participants!!

The following Pembroke students have been selected to move up to the Regional Competition in Hamden, CT on Sunday March 18.

Aimee Lipman (Grade 1) "Kangaroo Pouch"

Alex Ascone (Grade 2) "Tidy Topper"

Jaiden Mendes (Grade 2) "TP Phone Holder"

Chayil Velez (Grade 3) "The A.L.S.S. 2000"

Asher Velez (Grade 4) "The Boom Mop 2000"

Taitum Carcare (Grade 4) "Earring Picker Upper"

Jack Botelho (Grade 5) "Edible Spoons"

Congratulations to our students who advanced to the Invention Convention finals! They will be attending the event up at UConn on April 28th!

Aimee Lippman (Grade 1)

Alex Ascone (Grade 2)

Jaiden Mendes (Grade 2)

A Big thanks to Mrs. Michael and Crew at Pembroke that made this event possible.