151 South King Street, Danbury CT. 06811

King StreeT Primary

Dr. Anna Rocco, Principal

Office (203) 797-4744

Fax (203) 830-6596

Attendance (203) 797-4805

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Dr. Kristina Hislop, Principal

Office (203) 797-4761

Fax (203) 830-6515

Attendance (203) 797-4760

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Picture Day is COminG!

March 23- Cohort A

March 24 - Distance Learners *see Distance Learner Sign up for each building.

March 25- Cohort B

KSI Picture Day ID: EVTQXFBFH. Distance Learner KSI Picture Day Sign up for March 24th


  • Regular In-person School Hybrid

    • As of March 15th First bus, 8 am -Last bus 3 pm, parent dismissal 2:40, for Cohort A - Monday & Tuesday. Cohort B - Thursday & Friday. Alternating cohorts for Wednesdays 8 - 1 pm. Annnoucement from Superintendent

  • 90 Minute Delay 9:30 am *

  • Weather-Early Dismissal 8-11:25 am*

*District Link to all school schedules

*District School Robo-calls sent to families with pertinent information for school day and times.

King Street Campus Staff

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Mission Statement

King Street Campus is a safe and caring environment, which promotes respect, perseverance, problem solving, and continuous learning. We work together to promote academic success and personal growth for all.

Important Dates & Posts

Recap PTO Presentation from KSC Principals Dr. Rocco & Dr. Hislop

SCHOOL LUNCH INFORMATION- Please use this link for breakfast and lunch menus, MYSCHOOLBUCKS, and other information. Free Meals 18 & younger

BUS INFORMATION- Please use this LINK, and use your child's student ID # for both username and password.