Good afternoon everyone!

Great Plain Elementary students and staff want to send a huge THANK YOU to our friends, family, and Danbury community for taking time out of their busy day to spend time with our students and celebrate No One Eats Alone Day. This includes our Mayor, our police officers, our firemen, our board members, our DSABC mentors, the WCSU soccer players, Sandy Hook Promise, our bus drivers,, Ben's Bells, Grass Roots members, Jericho Partnership, our Danbury Public Schools employees, our Danbury Librarians, our parents, our siblings, 98Q, and WFSB Channel 3. We also want to thank ALL the local businesses who support our message of including everyone and being kind! This includes: The Mothership Cafe, Stew Leonard's, Hummus & Pita Co, Sal's Pizza, Gisella's, John's Best, and Augie's.

We are so thankful to have had Juno Wheeler from and give an inspiring speech, with very specific examples of children (our students ages) who have changed the world in remarkable ways, simply because they knew it needed to be done.

We hope you all know how special you make our students feel and how that motivates all of us (students and staff) to continue to connect with others, be kind, and start with hello! Great Plain Students are working hard to lead with a "WE" attitude, as opposed to a "Me" attitude. Over the past few weeks, the students were actively thinking of our community, our veterans, and an elementary school in Wilmington, NC.

  • Our 4th and 5th grade students lead a Penny Drive to collect money for Gas Cards for Federal Employees affected by the Govt. Shutdown.
  • Valentines were created and given to Danbury Veterans.
  • Valentines were created and socks were collected for a school impacted by the Hurricane in Wilmington, NC- This was called "Warm Hearts, Warm Feet for Wilmington"
  • Kindness Cards were created and exchanged with Pembroke Elementary School- reaching out and saying Hello!
  • On No One Eats Alone Day, canned goods were collected for the Dorothy Day House.

Here are just a few photos from the day!