Resources For Families

As a parent, you are an integral part of your child's education. It is with this in mind that the pages below have been created. You will find online resources including: Investigations3 math tools and games, math ideas at home, and articles.

Math At Home

The following sites provide family-oriented activities and games that you can play with your child to reinforce math skills.

Math in the Home

Math in the Grocery Store

Math on the Go

Math for Fun

Daily Math

Sweet Math Treats

Information for Parents

Below you will find links to articles and other resources to help parents understand how math instruction has changed over the last few years and how best to support your child in math.

Understanding Mathematics in Investigations3 for Grades K-5

Mathematics in Grade K

Mathematics in Grade 1

Mathematics in Grade 2

Mathematics in Grade 3

Mathematics in Grade 4

Mathematics in Grade 5

Connecticut Core Standards (a.k.a. Common Core State Standards)

Summary of the Standards in Spanish and English

Fostering Success

Understanding Early Numeracy, Grade K-2

Your Child's Mathematical Mind