"Managing your daily life, so you can get to what truly matters."

Have you ever thought to yourself...

"If only there were more hours in the day!"

"If only there were two of me, then I could get all of this done!"

"If only I had someone to help me every week to accomplish these mundane tasks."

"Things are starting to slip through the cracks..."

"Did I pay my bills this month?"

"Life just keeps getting busier and busier, if only I had some help."

"When am I ever going to be able to find the time to get these things done?"

"I could be using this time doing other things that matter more to me, like spending time with my family, traveling, having a date night, or growing my business!"

Meet the owner:  Dana Takenaka

I can remember saying many of those things to myself at one point too. One day I realized that there are things in life that absolutely need to get done. The secret is knowing which things that you can delegate to someone you trust. That is the key to unlocking more time and mental capacity in today's world that is seemingly only getting busier by the day. We have more responsibilities than ever on our plates!

When I became a mother I realized just how much I wanted to be home with my family. That meant finding a new career that allowed me to do so. A post in a South Austin mommy group on Facebook ended up catching my attention. A local mom needed some help with everyday tasks and streamlining her life. It was a part-time job and I wanted to give it a shot to see if I could do it. We met and low and behold I got the job. I couldn't believe it.

After providing her services for a month, my client and now friend, suggested to me that I could and should do this full-time and that she was confident that I had a knack for it. I was shocked. Needless to say, things started snowballing from there. I landed another client soon after that and the rest is history. This is where Dana's Lifestyle Concierge was born! 

My goal simply put, is to help busy women streamline their lives so that they can spend time doing what truly matters. 

Because let's be honest, these mundane tasks or "household management items" if you will - that come up daily and weekly, they absolutely do need to get done. But, they do not need to get done by you! There's power and freedom in delegating those tasks to someone you trust. I'd love to be that person for you. 

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Email: admin@danaslifestyleconcierge.com 

Phone #: 512-507-4928

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