Seed to Spirit Tours

Tours are friendly for guests 13 and older unless indicated. Menu items with an alcohol content of more than 0.5% will only be served to guests 21 and over. All guests must provide legal proof age on request.

Made in New York Craft Beer

Island to Island Brewery craft beer exclusive. We offer the newest seasonal recipe releases of craft beer, jun and ciders by Island to Island brewery. From Pulque to Tepache to IPAs nothing here is like any thing you've every experienced before. Learn More.

Made in New York Spirits

Only New York, all the time. We craft cocktails from our House of Juice brand juices, smoothies and tinctures and teas for healthy and refreshing tastings you won't experience elsewhere.

A craft beverage manufacturing facility with it’s own tasting room, beer garden, and community events space for public access direct from the source.

Juicery, Brewery, Fermentory and soon a Distillery & Winery. Taproom 642 is the headquarters of the craft beverage manufacturers of House of Juice brand, Brooklyn Jun Brew and Island to Island Brewery and more. The taproom offers a unique customer engagement hosting tours of a craft brewery, tasting of Made in NY spirits, Craft Beer, Hard Cider and Jun Kombucha.

Craft beer enthusiasts, whiskey connoisseurs, tourists and lovers of small batch craft beverages alike make Taproom 642 their destination for a Made in NY drinking experience.

  • Hard Ciders by House of Juice
  • Craft beers by Island to Island brewery & other NYC breweries
  • Jun Kombucha made exclusively by Brooklyn Jun Brew
  • Small batch spirits made exclusively in New York

Go visit for the uniqueness of the beverages, the unique community events that bring people together over a cold one and teach about the amazing products good ingredients can craft!

Craft Beers of the Spring Season

Are you loving the Brut I.P.A. style? We've got two on tap this month. A bright, and wheaty brut IPA with malt character & layers of fresh strawberries and apricot by Gun Hill Brewing. By Keg & Latern, a Hallertau Blanc & Mosaic hops Brut IPA pushes loads of grapefruit & stone fruit character into this very dry finishing IPA.