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Craft Beers

Danii & Alyssa's Elixir

spruce tip hoppy lager

Gold Mining

smoky spiced dunkel lager

Diviner's Textbook

vienna lager


Bottle Sales

Grab a bottle something special for someone special


Distilled from New York grown malts by New York grown craftsman.

Rum, Vodka, GIn

Distilled by New Yorker with New York grown tenacity.

Wermut, Absinthe, Wine

Specialty spirits fermented, distilled and infused with unique flavors.


Brooklyn Jun Brew

Classic jun brewed with local honey


Lavender infused jun kombucha

Kali Kombucha

Caribbean Sorrel spiked with jun

Ginger Jun Brew

brewed with pure ginger & gingerbug


Fall Follies Daiquiri

rum, herbal liqueur, absinthe, lime

642 Boulevardier

whiskey, wermut, herbal liqueur

Royal Flush

whiskey, sorrel, apple, pineapple, lime

Tea Punch

rum, coconut agave liqueur, lime