Be More Mixer

This is the most delicious drink all week. House made jun, which is fermented green tea and honey, and this one is orange infused!! Soooo delicious and totally revived because as you can see, I have tired eyes from the hectic past few days.

I almost didn't post the pic because I feel like I look so sleepy but then I saw the unicorn painting, by local kids, looking over my shoulder and I realized I had to share.

Try this sparkly beverage and more by Brooklyn Jun Brew.

Local Experience

Live Band in the courtyard. We're creating more enjoyable experiences, concerts, entertainment and things to do while out in ProspectLeffertsGardens, DitmaPark, Flatbush, ProspectPark, and Crown Heights all over great drinks with direct from local farm ingredients.

Family & Friends

Thank you for a relaxing Mother's Day afternoon with delicious drinks and an amazing feast!

Suzanne Cope

All Are Welcome

Dogs Always Welcome

In the tasting room portion of our manufacturing facility, dogs are always welcome to hang with their family and friends. We only ask that pups remain on their leash for the comfort of other guests and their pups or children.

Healthy Options

Improving access to healthy, real food via tech! Simple, easy, fun. House of Juice's "Matcha Jun" made right before my eyes! We all work hard and have busy lives. Finding food we can trust at home and on the road shouldn't be complicated. House of Juice is making it possible to enjoy healthy drinks whenever you go out or host an event. — Treatmo

Feeding 1000 Kids

Local student as she relaxes with a nutritious spinach mango and strawberry rainbow smoothie. She needed this break!

Lefferts Gardens Charter School Smoothie Party, sponsored by the Feeding 1000 Kids Foundation November 12th for their "Fit Family Initiative". House of Juice was honored to serve the children of ProspectLeffertsGardens EastFlatbush CrownHeights once again.