The Digital Laconian

Vol. LII Issue 6 November 2019

Spartan of the Issue: Kyler Magsino

By: Joe Vinci


It is not uncommon to hear the phrase “live the fourth” among Damien’s seniors. It is a reference to the Kairos retreat that seniors go on. Kairos is a three day retreat and on the fourth day, you bring what you have learned from the retreat back with you to apply to your daily life and share it with the people in your life. To “live the fourth” is to be a living example of God’s work in today's world. Of all the students at Damien, few “live the fourth” like Senior Kyler Magsin He is a captain on the football team, co-president of the Filipino club, a member of Christian leadership and a true Spartan brother and leader around campus. He has played football since his freshman year here at Damien. For three years he has been varsity.

Magsino said, “I enjoy tackling my opponents with my teammates and seeing our teamwork flourish. Once all 11 guys do what they are coached to do and push themselves go 100 percent with bad intentions for the ball carrier, then that's where the fun happens.”

On the field while the “fun” is happening, Magsino is known to hype up his teammates, and he loves to bring the energy to the team that pushes them to go the extra little bit for the win.

This football season was very big as this marks the beginning of the Bechtal era for Damien football. In speaking about the new staff and how they encourage and push the players, Magsino said, “They don’t just talk about it, they be about it.” The new coaching staff pushed all the student athletes on and off the field.

Magsino stated, “They make us become better versions of ourselves everyday... There is no doubt in my mind they will continue to motivate and shape Damien Football players into young men who are intimidating and feared on the field and a well-respected gentleman off the field.”

Although this season went better than last year, we did not do as well as we hoped due to the programs growing pains and transitioning to a totally new coaching staff. Despite this Magsino has absolutely no regrets and would change nothing.

“Comparing this season to last year’s season and the others before that, I had the best experience ever this season because not only did I become stronger mentally and physically, but I became closer with my teammates and put more faith into the coaches who proved to me what I and the team as a whole, were capable of doing. The coaches always gave us more hope going against any football team and had a strong belief in us throughout the season”

Kyler looks to the future as he prepares to go off to college. He has already sent applications to Cal State Fullerton and Cal Poly Pomona. He will apply to Loyola Marymount University and possibly UC Riverside. Kyler wants to pursue a future in business entrepreneurship and/or marketing. He will apply the leadership skills and perseverance he learned here at Damien to his daily life as a businessman.

Magsino still has over half of his senior year left, and is definitely not done with Damien yet. As co-president of the Phillapeno club Kyler takes great pride in his phillopino traditions and heritage. He has grown up around the delicious food and as great as it is to eat it, Magsino loves to learn how to make and thus keep the traditions alive through himself.

Kyler said, “I love being Filipino and I want to represent my family and my culture in the truest and best way possible.”

Kyler is the epitome of the Damien spartan and brother. He encompasses the entirety of the S.P.A.R.T.A.N.S. acronym and is a model student. He shows his spirituality in his being a devout Catholic and a leader among leaders in the Christian Leadership class. He shows his passion for life and for Damien High School in his performances as a football player and as the co-president of the Filipino club. Kyler is an academic spartan in his participation as a student athlete, and his maintaining a 4.6 GPA and taking 7 periods his senior year. He has shown his resilience and his ability as a navigator in his football career here at Damien, giving every down 100% no matter the score. He shows talent on a daily basis in his athleticism, his achievements as a student, and socially as a great brother to everyone around campus. Magsino is adventurous in his love for his Filipino culture and willingness to experience new things whether that be cooking a traditional Filipino meal or signing up for any and all special opportunities around campus. Finally, Kyler Magsino is service-oriented in his dedication to his Catholic Faith and putting into action the teachings of the Bible in his daily life through what he does in Christian leadership class and extra curricular activities like going to the LA Cathedral in September.

Despite his impressive football career and obvious popularity around the Damien campus, Magsino maintains a level head and never forgets that he is where he is today because of his family, teachers and Spartan brothers.

Magsino said, “I would like to thank my parents, close friends, family, my girlfriend, my teammates, fellow Spartans, coaches, and teachers for shaping and motivating to become the great Spartan man I am today. Everyday I am grateful for everyone in my life who was always there for me and helped me when I needed them most. Without these significant people in my life, I wouldn’t be here or become the person who I am today. I will continue to Live the Fourth.”

Kyler poses with his Cousin and Godfather after a game

What to do over Thanksgiving Break

By: Guy Gruppie Jr. and Adam Hernandez

Staff writers

We are about to depart on Thanksgiving break and be gone for nine days! This is a much needed break from the relentless work from school we get day in and day out. So, how do high school students make the best of their break? We have a list of some things that can make a break one for the record books.


Thanksgiving break is a great time for some light travel. Our first break in a while, this week will be the perfect time to go places. Although we have nine days, do not go too far. Save the giant vacations for Christmas and summer breaks. Go somewhere local like a cabin in Big Bear or rent a place at Newport beach for a few days. Nothing helps students recharge and prepare for finals like a few days away from home. If your family is able to do it, head out to the desert to ride some dirt bikes or go camping in Joshua Tree. Go for hikes outside or explore a new part of town with friends.

Video Games (what new games)

If you are like me, you might enjoy spending at least a few days of your break playing some video games. Sports games like NBA 2K20 and Madden 20 have been released in the last couple of months. Call of Duty’s new entrance into its already massive collection of games, Modern Warfare has been released, and there is even more to look forward to. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was released worldwide on Nov. 15 and Death Stranding on November 8th. Get ready to grind out these games.

New Television

The world’s newest streaming platform, Disney+, has launched and is ready to compete with the likes of Hulu and Netflix. The majority of the talk surrounding the new streaming site lies on the new Star Wars spin- off, The Mandalorian. Pretty much, any movie, tv show or short Disney and Pixar have ever produced is viewable on Disney+.

Most notably, all 23 Marvel Cinematic Universe films are ready and able to watch. This includes every Avengers film, every solo character film and, most recently, Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Additionally, some new Netflix movies have aired recently. The ambitious and head-turning El Camino just released in early November. If you plan on having a nostalgic and comfy type of Thanksgiving Break, you are in luck.

Celebrate Thanksgiving

If you want to celebrate your relationships with friends and family, Thanksgiving is the perfect time. Reconnecting with lost family or old friends is a

wonderful experience. This is what the holiday is all about. It is not solely about cooking in preparation for dinner. It is about being grateful for what you have and accepting of others. Many people have a Thanksgiving dinner as a way to bring the family together. Breaking bread in this manner is what makes Thanksgiving special. Just remember: Don’t eat too much!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

With the next generation of gaming consoles surfacing around this time next year, families worldwide will likely find impressive deals on a new PS4 or Xbox during the

Black Friday/Cyber Monday craze. Soccer moms everywhere will come together to prove that they can get the most bang for their buck. If there is anything you might have had your eye on recently, consider checking its price points, and if you are lucky, you might just save a pretty penny. Or two.

Preparation for finals

Yes, this should go without saying… STUDY FOR FINALS!!! We have two weeks after we get back from break to prepare for the final exams of the semester. Use this spare time wisely and get some good studying in before school begins again and you have to begin cramming. Plan to spend at least an hour or two each day studying and preparing. If you are diligent enough to take this time to study now, you will be very thankful later.

Best studying tips and strategies include…

  • Make a list of things you need to do with the most important things first. This will help you stay on track.
  • Do an easy assignment first to get the ball rolling. Once the assignment is completed, then focus on classes you struggle in the most. This will get you in the mindset of doing schoolwork and help you focus on the task at hand.
  • Write out note cards instead of a study guide. Writing things out helps you retain more information and with notecards, you can test yourself.
  • Stay away from people. People are distractions and will pull you out of studying.
  • Write down any questions you have on a list so when school starts up again, you can immediately ask the teacher.
  • Complete any missing assignments to help improve your grade as well as help you learn the material.
  • Play any song on repeat so you do not pay attention to it, but it drowns out everything around you. Do not blast the song, just have it in the background as white noise.
  • Charge all electronics around you so you do not need to get up when they die.

The History of thanksgiving

By: Joshua Espinosa

Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family, friends and loved ones. We all come together to appreciate the people in our lives, the natural gifts we our given and all the things God has blessed us with. With these blessings, we look back on our roots and remember why we celebrate this tradition set by our ancestors and where it came from.

October, 1621, the first Americans to live in the new world are in the company of the Native Americans who had invited them to what we consider “The First Thanksgiving.” This day had started when the English had their first harvest in the new world and celebrated with a three-day-long feast where they had 90 Native Americans join them in the feast.

Soon after, the day would be celebrated by many of our founding fathers such as George Washington after he gained a proclamation from congress. Thomas Jefferson on the other hand refused to recognize the holiday and had the celebration intermittent until Abraham Lincoln after the Civil War had taken it to Congress once again and had the day recognized as a federal holiday and was to be celebrated the last Thursday of every November.

The Colonists had regular Thanksgivings. To them, these days were considered days of prayer to thank God for all the gifts he gave them. The reasons the Colonists had for inviting the Native Americans was due to one Native American named Squanto. After a long harsh winter in

Plymouth the single survivor of deadly plague that ravished the Patuxet Indians, Squanto had learned English and taught the Englishmen how to fish for eels, grow corn, hunt turkey and other wildlife found in the new world. After Squanto died of the plague in 1622, the Samoset Indians still proceeded to help the English by offering them food when the supplies sent from Britain were insufficient and would lead to the death of more pilgrims.

Because of the help that was offered by the Samoset Indians 50 of the 100 Pilgrims who arrived on the Mayflower survived the grueling winter in the new world. It was because of their help the two different cultures had built a bond with each other and had a mutual understanding they both wanted to thrive as people. That day all the people who were present gave thanks for the bountiful harvest they received leading to the celebration to continue for many years as a thanks to God for allowing them to grow such wonderful crops.

It is because of the Native Americans and the English being able to come together to be grateful for all that they are given we continue to celebrate this holiday. In a world of things that make us feel less than grateful, we are able to come together for at least a single day, and give thanks for all that we have and the loved ones we hold dear in our life. Finally, we at Laconian would like to wish everybody a safe and happy Thanksgiving.