How to use the Library

for Research

Welcome to the CDS Library!

This guide is to help you locate resources for a research project.

Resources can be found in the Library catalog and on online sites and databases like WebPath Express, JSTOR, JURN, HistoryWorld, and more.

See below for instructions on how to use the Library website.

Visit Internet Resources for a list of recommended databases and websites and the MLA Citation Guide for tips on making a Works Cited page.

Linda Choo, Librarian

Emma Carley, Assistant Librarian

Library Resources

A Catalog Search will sift through the Library's resources, both print and electronic, for your search terms. Too many irrelevant results? Try searching by "Subject" for items that are specifically about your topic.

    • Remember: anything that has a call number starting with "F" is a Fiction book, and therefore not an appropriate resource for a research project.

No results? Search along broader terms relating to your topic, like a historical era, movement, or event, and then find the book in the shelves to check the index for specific pages relating to your topic.

    • Need help locating books in the library stacks? Just ask!

WebPath Express provides access to 105,000 trustworthy websites for research, curated by librarians. More reliable than a Google search, it eliminates commercial, biased, or inaccurate sources from its results. Browse by subject, or perform a keyword search using the search bar. Try filtering your search results at the top by "Grade level," and make sure you check out "Related topics" for extra perspectives!

    • WebPath Express is embedded in the Library catalog system. To access, click the link above or select "WebPath Express" from the left sidebar within the Catalog tab of the Library website.