Entrepreneurs Unlimited Program

Business Learning at the Next Level

Taking expressions for our next intake in July 2019, our 12 month program in Perth (WA) is designed for business owners and managers who are committed to investing time and energy into their education, professional development & success of their business.

You will spend 1 day per month proactively working ON your business, rather than just IN it. Imagine the potential for growth if you set-aside 12 days per year to strategically plan and make informed decisions rather than re-active ones.

This is your chance to work on all the areas of your business that you never have the time for, in an environment where there is coaching and mentoring support by award-winning business coach Suzzanne Laidlaw.

Imagine having a board of directors, a sounding board, and someone holding you accountable. Imagine if you could reach your potential faster and avoid the pitfalls that many business owners succumb to.

This program will help you reach your goals and you will learn how to run your business, rather than your business running you. *Registrations are open now*

"Build your business so you can do more of what you love."

Have you decided that 2019 is the year for change in your business? No matter what stage your business is at, we'd love to have a conversation to see if our exclusive entrepreneurs program is suitable for you. CALL US - (08) 9207 3069

Course Content:

  • Business Planning Workshop - A pre-requisite of your participation in this program is having an up-to-date Business Plan. You will be invited to my next 2-day Business Planning Workshop where you will build your own comprehensive business plan for success and identify areas of potential to fast-track your business growth. This will enable all participants are clear on their starting point, and have measurable components to track throughout their entrepreneur journey. If you have already have a business plan, I will be inviting you to a half-day update workshop to ensure your plan is up-to-date prior to commencing this program.
  • Monthly Strategy Sessions (x 12) - The program will guide you through critical components of business mastery, assessing crucial success factors in your business through planning, leadership, financial management, marketing and sales, team, systems and more.
  • Leadership & Communication Program - Fine tune the art of becoming a highly regarded leader, and build a great culture to increase productivity. Suzzanne will guide you through a scientifically and neurologically design program that focuses on direction setting, framework design, behavioural benchmarks, relationships, individual growth, reward, recognition and spiritual leadership to enhance your leadership skills and instill tangible measures to improve relationships.
  • Financial Tracking (Monthly) - We will hold you accountable to reviewing and submitting your financials on a monthly basis, so any immediate areas of concern can be flagged and rectified.
  • Accountability - You will be assigned an accountability buddy within the group who you will speak to regularly between meetings, to propel your success and help each other stay on track, focused and be a sounding board.
  • Online Resources & Templates- You will have access to resources in every area of business, including relevant templates to improve your business systems. This will include access to your own individual online portal where you will have an abundance of strategies to work on, in conjunction with our program, to build your business.
  • Personality Profile - We will provide you with a comprehensive personality/behaviour assessment that will allow you to identify your key motivators and traits.

Schedule and Location:

The program will commence in July 2019, with strategy sessions to be held every four-weeks on a Tuesday from 11am to 5pm (December & January will vary slightly due to Christmas period).

All sessions will run in our Stirling Office Boardroom.

2019 Dates: 16 July, 13 August, 10 September, 8 October, 5 November, 10 December.

2020 Dates: 14 January, 11 February, 10 March, 7 April, 5 May, 2 June.

What will you achieve?

  • Have an up-to-date business plan for success
  • Increase your influence and management skills, enhancing your team culture
  • Learn how to read, understand and track your financials
  • Implement systems & procedures for automation and leverage
  • Improve efficiency through understanding time management
  • Create a marketing plan with strategies to follow
  • Learn how to test & measure what's working and what's not
  • Build your sales processes for consistency in customer service
  • Identify weaknesses and how to overcome your challenges

Your Investment:

Your investment includes one or two business owners, because we understand that if you're sharing vital decisions with a key person within your business, they should participate in the program alongside you. As with any personal growth, there needs to be an investment in education.

Contact us to discuss payment options - Upfront, Monthly or Weekly over 12 months.

Once registered, you will qualify for your complimentary place in our 2-day Business Planning Workshop. Alternatively if you have already participated in our Business Planning Workshop, your investment for our Entrepreneurs Program will be reduced accordingly.

Who is Suzzanne Laidlaw?

Suzzanne is one of the most recognised and successful business coaches in Australia, having won numerous awards for her pragmatic coaching and planning programs (including Global Leader in Business Planning and Executive Coach of the Year).

She began coaching sporting teams in her teens, represented Australia multiple times for Triathlon and has been coaching a variety of business owners, managers and CEO’s for the past decade.

Suzzanne is an accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation and holds a number of national qualifications in coaching, workplace assessment and training. She has more than 30 years in key business management roles and has successfully helped many businesses transform their performance and increase their profitability.

Having experienced several life challenging moments, including saving her husband from a burning house fire and overcoming a life threatening disease at the age of 33, Suzzanne has faced and overcome adversity which now reinforces her positive and engaging outlook on life, encouraging others to turn their dreams and ambitions into reality.

Nominated as one of WA’s most inspiring women, her story was published in two books by Creatavision Publishing, “16 Inspirational WA Women” in 2016 and ‘Extraordinary Business Women’ in 2017.

As a coach, speaker and adviser, Suzzanne lives an authentic, holistic and inspiring life; motivating others to do the same.

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"Suzzanne's passion for helping people get the most out of themselves is unrivalled. She has guided us through business growth despite economic uncertainty, and makes you see the forest for the trees.”

Steve Edwards, ActivIT Systems

"I absolutely recommend Suzzanne Laidlaw's services to improve every aspect of your business. She is a worthwhile investment in your business and yourself that you will absolutely not regret."

Sheryll Fisher, Outback Initiatives

“If you feel as though you are spinning your wheels and gaining no traction, get that plan out of your head and onto paper. Suzzanne’s content and delivery is five stars without question. Six, if that was an option."

Clare McAlaney, Creatavision Publishing

Level 2, 9/49 Cedric St, Stirling WA 6021

(08) 9207 3069