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In 4th grade Language Arts, we will be...

- Reading across all genres- Writing narratives, persuasive essays, and informational reports- Responding to literature through book discussions- Crafting written responses to literature- Digging deeper into word origins and word building- Using technology to explore, practice skills, and create new learning

40 Book Reading Challenge

Hello Reader!

Welcome to 4th grade and the 40 Book Reading Challenge. Our goal is to continue reading throughout the school year and hopefully read 40 books!

Every night, you are expected to read for 20 minutes. By taking the time to read each night, you will be getting closer to achieving the reading goal stated below. To help track your progress, you will log each book you finish reading using the 40 Book Reading Challenge Recording Sheet. Once you finish reading a book, share the story with a family member!You will write the book title in the grid of the front two pages of your packet. You will also write a one-sentence summary on the the sentence strip pages of your recording packet. I will announce days for 40 Book Reading Challenge "Check-ins", so we can update our progress!

Good luck!

- Miss Bilyeu & Mrs. Keys

At the end of the trimester, the students will go through their 40 Book Reading Challenge packets to answer a reflection page about their favorite book from the trimester. The students will then have book discussions sharing about the books they read and add books on their own reading list!