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The best place in the world. ~ Amy Garnica, Sudie's Librarian

Distance Learning videos Let me know if any links are broken or event has ended! Thanks, Mrs. Garnica

@home - Let's do this!

Dallas Public Library's Online Events Calendar - Tons of online activities for all ages and interests!


Teach Me About COVID - Question, Learn, & Share info about COVID found by you! Add your opinion and links to where you found your info.

Scholarship Contests - On going list of contests that award scholarships! These would look great on applications.

Journaling - Become a Primary Source for historians by journaling your experiences. It can also help with reducing anxiety!

Science Competitions - LONG list of links to sites that have competitions based on science and STEAM.

Inquiry Corridor - Our question is WHY DO WE CELEBRATE MEXICAN-AMERICAN, BLACK, & WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTHS? Wonder, search, and share! Helpful instructions.

Book Trailer or Review - Read, create, and share!

Create Video Contests - Economy Essay or Video, Global Population growth, Environment, Our School!

Writing Contests - Poetry, plays, essays, stories, illustrations -this list has contests for all of it!

OMG, so many CONTESTS - Get creative and enter a contest. Check out this list!


Come to my Classroom - Quizizz, read aloud novel, crafts, and more! Join code: 6bni3wf .

What's Mrs. Garnica been reading? - Come see and listen to a gallery of books I've read recently.

Dallas Public Library Card - Add the DPL to Sora for more choices of eBooks and Audiobooks. You'll also have access to digital free movies, magazines, and more! (They're about to start a pick-up service for physical books that you've placed on Hold! Which DPL branches, times, and more.)

Try a Podcast - Listening to a podcast is fun! Try coloring or doing chores while listening.

Links to Authors - Lots of authors are doing stuff online. Scroll down to find the Middle School and High School authors.

Free Audio Books - Librovox hosts public domain audiobooks read by anyone! Listen or record one. En espanol

How to find a NEW book with Novelist - Filter & sort for read-alikes, subject, age, reading level, and more!

Listen to a book - Audiobooks are awesome! Try Sora, use your public library card, or JLG's.


Feed your Curiosity - Online magazines for wonders: MentalFloss, Wonderopolis, Popular Science, through Clever go exploring in Discovery Education, World Book, or Newsela.

Daily Quest - Daily topics for discovery and doing

NASA - Games, builds, challenges, activities, and more!

STEM @Dallas Public Library - Well, not there, but sign up for activities to do at home.

Science Experiments - ONLY WITH ADULT SUPERVISION! "I'm not cleaning up that mess."

Practice Spanish - Read along story videos in both English and Spanish.

Interest Profiler - Take the test to discover the career and education paths you'd like to follow.


Article - OMG! Follow the links in the article for internet magic! Virtual field trips, National Parks, Collections, Activities, and more.

Museum Exhibit - Visit museum exhibits, famous places, even outer space from your home!

Animals - Live Zoo cams from zoos all around the world.


GoNoodle - Videos and activities for kids and families to be active, stay mindful.

DANCE - Try one of these videos or find your own. I'm trying the Bollywood first!

Calm Harm - App that helps kids understand and curb the desire for dealing with stress through self harm.

imaginACTION - Video guides to help you be more in control over how you feel.

Spin & Move - WheelDecide spinner getting up and away from the computer.

Character Playbook - Sign up your family for realistic comic book-style stories help build healthy relationships

Physical Activity Sites - WOW! Amazing list of sites for getting activity and learning about yourself. (sorry, some of the links are broken)

Calm Meditation Classes - A variety of lessons for calming, being present, and coping with stress.


Wide Open Schools - Best curated list of free resources! By Common Sense Media, a personal fav!

+200 Free Online Resources - Explanations, links, broken down by subject, very wow.

High Quality Apps/Sites - This list is by Common Sense Media, I strongly recommend them & this list, even the HS stuff looks cool.

Lists of things to do by other people - One, Two, Three, Four, Five (no promises or responsibility for content)

Follow the link to share ideas or creations.