English I Honors

Class overview

The Language & Literature Department teaches students to think critically and to consider larger issues in their communities. Students learn that through conversation, stories, and poems we are able to examine the human condition, which is the central subject of all art. Students are pushed to find the place where the Arts can be a part of the solution for the trials and hardships we encounter as individuals and as a society. Through language learning, close reading, whole-class discussions, journaling, interactive lectures, seminars, book clubs, and writing workshops, our students are engaged in the important, rigorous, and cerebral work of communication.

About your teacher

Anna Gay is a proud 2001 graduate of Booker T. Washington’s music department. She began her teaching career with Dallas ISD in 2006 and returned to Booker T. as part of its faculty in Fall 2011. Off campus, Mrs. Gay serves as a member of the Alumni Advisory Board at the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture where she attends monthly conversations about the ever-changing world of liberal education and periodically takes graduate-level continuing-education humanities courses. At home, she is a wife, mom to a third-grader and a three-year old, dog-mom of two, and an avid reader. She is an education activist, teaching through a lens of social justice and pressing themes of equity and diversity, helping her students to develop a deeper sense of empathy by lifting up minority voices in literature. The 2023-2024 school year is her 18th year in the classroom.

Ms. Gay wears many hats at Booker T. Among them are:


Ms. Gay Is more responsive via email and text because she has a busy home life. Though she Is quick to reply to most messages and questions, please allow her 48 hours to respond.