It’s another exciting year at Reed School. I am very happy to be a part of the teaching staff at Reed School and in Will County School District 92.

Your child will learn a variety of skills from many different activities. We will instruct the students in basic sport skills such as kickball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc... Other skills we will focus on are basic throwing/ catching, skipping/ galloping/hopping, and body awareness. We will work on eye-hand coordination by using cup stacking and juggling activities. We also have a traverse climbing wall were the students will be able to improve their upper body strength as they climb along the wall. Throughout the school year we will use pedometers that will allow a student to see how active they have been. This year we have introduced the milage club to the students at Reed, this is a program that is available to them at recess and for every mile they complete they earn a shoe token. Your child will also learn why it is important that they are physically active.

Your child will need a second pair of gym shoes for Physical Education. They are not allowed to wear sandals or other footwear that are not proper for physical activity due to safety factors. Anyone wearing a dress or skirt will need to wear shorts underneath. Your child will lose points and be unable to participate if not properly prepared for class.

If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me. I appreciate your support and look forward to meeting you.

Mrs. Dietz