Novak News

Fifth Issue

News for April & May

This Week's Class Newspaper Editor: Faith

Poems Of The Month By : Atreyu

"What If I Was Frozen In Ice?" By :Atreyu

What if i was frozen in ice?

Would i be able to eat rice?

What if i froze my hair?

Would anybody even care?

What if i was never found?

Would i be stuck in the ground?

What if i broke my feet?

How would i ever eat?

What if my poem was bad?

Would i be very sad?

Jokes by Evelyn & Jocelynn

  1. What furniture polish do schools use?

2. Who can hold up a school bus with only one hand?

3. Who keeps the ocean clean?

4. Teacher: who can tell me where is the English channel is ?

Jane: l don't know . it's not on my tv.

5. What do you call a kid who plays basketball in a shirt and a tie?

6. What do you get when you cross a pig and a centipede?

7. What color is a cheerleader?

8. What subject do snakes like?

9. Why didn't the skeleton want to go to school?

10.Why did Johnny jump up & down before he drank his juice?

11. What do you call bullfighters in quicksand?

12. Why did the baseball player go to jail?

Did You Know? by: Colton


Did you know that mars' moons are demos and Phobos ?

Did you know Mars is red because of rust in martian rock and the same stuff that makes the grand canyon get it's color?

Did you know that MO and MRO stand for mars orbiter and mars reconnaissance orbiter?

Did you know that the mars express is a space exploration mission to find out more about mars?

Did you know aliens exist! Just kidding there is no proof that aliens exist!

Did you know that mars is the second smallest planet in the solar system next to mercury?

Did you know that mars is the fourth planet from the sun

Did you know that you get Novak News news every week!

Check this out for more mars info.

Comic by: Owen & Christian


Back at the HQ stone guy and and his pet cat were sleeping together. "Awww there cute together don't they. "said the amazing diamond."Yeah yeah" said Captain obsidian. "But right now its nap time" said Granite Camo. But then the alarm goes off "WOOOOOO WOOOOOOO"" Oh no said Safire girl!". They t

Science Question of the Week By: Maeve

Here is one question for you coming up

Today i'm going to take it easy on you what holds people on the ground?

A: gravity

Field Trips by: Maeve

Hello, And Today I will tell you about are field trip to the Bulls/Sox Academy and when we went to Pilcher Park .

Bulls/Sox Academy: This was so fun to go to my favorite part is when we went to the relay race and the person who directed us was from Australia. I also enjoyed going to where we could play any video game we wanted.

Pilcher Park: My favorite part of going to Pilcher park is when my friends and I got to taste homemade Maple Syrup. And I also enjoyed learning about a snake his name was Molder to my defense he was pretty cute I can not believe Payton was afraid !

Science News by: Emily

Hi my name is Emily. Today I'm going to tell you about science project we did it was about

Special News & Events by: Payton & Keagan

April 1: Easter

April 13: Oak Prairie 7/8 grade Band and Choir Assembly.

April 17: Rainforest Assembly

April 26: Choir Festival at Oak Prairie

April 27: 4th Quarter Progress Reports go Home.

April 30: Wolf Man Assembly

May 5: Cinco de Mayo

May 8: Spring Band concert at Oak Prairie

May 13: Mothers Day

May 24 : Invention Convention at 8:15 a.m.

May 24: 4th grade field trip

May 25: Parade of States at 9: 30 also early dismissal at 10:55

May 28: Memorial Day (No School)

May 31: Game Day

June 1: Last Day of School

June 17: Fathers Day

Joke Answers by: Jocelynn & Evelyn!

1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. A policeman

3. A mermaid

5. A gym dandy.

6. Bacon and legs


8. Hiss-tory

9. His heart wasn't in it.

10. The carton said to "shake well before drinking"

11. Cuatro sinko.

12. He stole second base.

Game Survey


Plants vs zombies



Super Stories By Logan And Cooper

Once there was a boy named Cooper. He and his friend, Logan, had a huge secret. No it wasn't who they liked. Anyway, their secret nobody else knew about. Some of there favorite things are playing video games, eating pizza