Welcome to 3rd Grade!!!

815-744-6166 ext. 1211

  • Start /End Time: 8:25 P.M - 3:15 P.M.
  • Special's Schedule: P.E daily : 1:10-1:40 p.m. Lunch: 12:40-1:05 Recess: 12:20-12:40 A day: Music 11:30-12:00
  • B day: Art 11:30-12:10 C day: Music 11:30-12:00 D day: Library 10:50-11:20 E day: computers 11:25-12:00 * Academic Schedule: ELA 8:40-10:10 RTI: 10:14-10:45 Social Studies/Science (alternating): 10:50-11:20 Math: 2:10-3:10
  • Grading Schedule: A+ 100 A 99-95 A- 94 B+ 93 B 92-87 B- 86 C+ 85 C 84-77 C- 76 D+ 75 D 74-71 D- 70
  • Absences: In the event that your child will be absent, please remember to notify the school office. At this time, let the school secretary know that homework should be sent home or send an email to the teacher. Make arrangements a sibling or to pick up of work , it will be ready after 3: 30.
  • Birthdays: Due to the number of allergies within school, we ask that the list of treats is approved by the nurse. Non-edible treats are preferred. In the classroom, the students gets to chose from the birthday bag!
  • Homework Hotline: Call your students teacher extension 211 and follow the prompts! See number below: Richland School 815-725-8391
  • Assignment Planner Books: Students are REQUIRED to maintain a planner book. This is a wonderful tool for parent teacher communication! ****** PLEASE SIGN YOUR STUDENT'S PLANNER EACH NIGHT******* = 1 soaring eagle ticket is earned if signed in addition to completion of nightly homework.
  • Friday Folders: A folder will be sent home on Fridays consisting of notes, graded tests, assignments, lunch menu, and office notes. Please take time to review the materials sent home in the Friday Folder as they will provide you with important dates, information from the office, and of how the student is performing grade wise in the classroom. = 1 soaring eagle ticket is earned.
  • Homework: Will be written in the planner daily, and when completed on time the student will receive an eagle ticket for completing nightly homework. Homework is VERY important for the parent to see what the student is learning in school, and what is expected. If a student has a missing or late homework assignment, they are expected to still turn it in. This will result in a deduction of points every day late or missing. They will NOT earn an eagle ticket. THE PARENT WILL BE NOTIFIED OF THE MISSING ASSIGNMENT IN THEIR PLANNER, and HAVE TO SIGN that they are aware, they have to complete the assignment on this day or a think sheet is given. 3 missing or late assignment Think Sheets will result in a minor red note. If a pattern of late work is occurring the teacher will work with the parent to solve this behavior.
  • Expectations: Follow directions the first time given, Listen when others are talking, Keep hands, feet, and objects away from others, Respect yourself,others and everyone's property.
  • Consequences: 1st time: Verbal Warning, 2nd time: Move on Warning behavior chart, 3rd time: Yellow move on behavior chart and student will fill out THINK SHEET and parent will sign, 4th Time: Red note and parent contact (student can move directly to this depending on the behavior. Please see parent/student handbook).
  • Students who chose to behave appropriately will be positively rewarded: extra eagle tickets, whole class rewards, End of the Year PBIS party, in class eagle reward store, class jobs, and star student. Soaring eagle tickets are rewarded for Friday Folder signed, planner signed, homework completed and moving up on the behavior chart.
  • Student Responsibilities: Complete ALL homework on time with 3rd grade EFFORT (complete sentences, neat handwriting, and citing evidence from text in answers), Practice Math facts nightly, nightly reading, Study for upcoming tests and quizzes.
  • Parent Responsibilities: Please make homework a top priority providing necessary supplies, a quiet environment, set homework time, provide support, help when needed and praise. Homework should be completed by the student with minimal help form the parent. Please provide guidance and checking for completion is acceptable. If your child is having difficulty and needs a lot of support please communicate this with the teacher.