Welcome to 5th Grade!!!

(815) 744-6166 EX 2301

  • Start /End Time: 7:52 A.M - 2:45 P.M.
  • All grades are on Skyward. There will NO paper reports coming home.
  • Schedule:

Period 1: 8:07-8:55 S.S. 2: 8:57-9:45 Elective Reading 3: 9:47-10:35: P.E.

4: 10:37-11:25 Elective Reading 5: 11:27-12:15: Lunch 6: 12:17-1:05 S.S.

7: 1:07-1:55 S.S. 8: 1:57-2:45 S.S

  • Grading Schedule: A 100-90 B 89-80 C 79-70 D 69-60
  • Absences: In the event that your child will be absent, please remember to notify the school office. For every day absent the student will have the number of days absent to complete and turn in an assignment.
  • Assignment Planner Books: Students are REQUIRED to maintain a planner book. This is a wonderful tool for parent teacher communication! In the event that your child receives a Think Sheet for a behavior issue this will be stapled in the planner. Your signature will be required. If it is not signed then another sheet will be given to the student. If that one is not signed, parent contact will be made.
  • Homework: Will be written in the planner weekly. If a student DOES NOT complete an assignment on time this will result in a note in their planner and parent signature. If they do not turn in the assignment on the 2nd day a Think Sheet will be given requiring a parent signature. On the 3rd day if the assignment is not handed in a parent will be emailed or called. 2 missing assignments in class the teacher will email home and the student will leave class to go to the OR-opportunity room to complete. While in the OR they will be required to complete what they missed during class.
  • Homework is VERY important for the parent to see what the student is learning in school, and what is expected. If a student has a missing or late homework assignment, they are expected to still turn it in.
  • Expectations/Rules: Follow directions the first time given, Listen when others are talking, bringing all materials to class, keep hands, feet, and objects away from others, respect yourself,others and everyone's property, enter the classroom in a respectful manner, and 5th grade effort on assignments. Student and parent will sign a behavior contract at the beginning of the year.
  • Consequences:
  • 1st time: Verbal Warning and expectation sheet is placed on the desk as a reminder, 2nd time: Student will fill out a Think Sheet that will be stapled in the planner for the parent to sign.

3 sheets = Lunch/Recess detention with teacher.

6 sheets= sent to the office

9 or more sheets will result in a parent conference.

Every quarter the student will start new.

  • Students who chose to behave appropriately will be positively rewarded: with a class competition PER QUARTER. Each class will receive POSITIVE points toward their class total points for challenging their brain, being a role model, going above and beyond, kindness , exceeding expectations, receiving high scores on tests, quizzes, and review games.
  • Student Responsibilities: Complete ALL homework on time with 5th grade EFFORT (complete sentences, neat handwriting, and citing evidence from text in answers), Acting responsible when going to their locker, using the washroom, and being prepared for class. Any behaviors not shown will result in a Think sheet for the parent to sign.
  • Parent Responsibilities: Please make homework a top priority providing necessary supplies, a quiet environment, set homework time, provide support, help when needed and praise. Homework should be completed by the student with minimal help from the parent. Please provide guidance and checking for completion is acceptable. If your child is having difficulty and needs a lot of support please communicate this with the teacher.