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What is Math Applications?

Math Applications is a quarter-long extra math class designed to strengthen student's math skills. This year we will focus on Common Core State Standards 7.SP (statistics and probability) in seventh grade & 8.EE (expressions and equations) and 8.SP (statistics and probability) in eighth grade. Additionally, outside speakers will discuss real-world math skills with the students. The topics may include how to open a bank account, balance a checkbook, and/or use credit wisely.

I will update the homework hotline and my web site on a weekly basis. I am excited to begin this journey with you and your student(s). By working together, we can make this a successful quarter for your child(ren). If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me at 815-744-6166 Ext. 2400. My email address is



Pencil/notebook/folder/calculator/math book and/or workbook used in the regular math class

Classroom Rules:

Respect yourself, adults, & other students 2. Remain quiet in class unless told to do otherwise 3. Follow teacher directions without argument (If you have a concern, we will discuss it AFTER class).

Classroom Consequences:

Follows district consequences outlined in the handbook.

Classroom Procedures:

Line up in a straight line in the hallway until given permission to enter the room; wait for teacher permission to leave the room at the conclusion of class; Three hallway passes a quarter (including bathroom, locker, water, etc.); You must have YOUR OWN agenda (with the sign out page attached) to leave the room.