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Happy St. Patrick's Day

We had a leprechaun come to our classroom today! He wrote a note on our Smartboard and gave coins and erasers to all of the kids. He escaped the traps by putting a necklace in each one. I'm sure you will hear all about it! The kids did a great job presenting their traps to the class.

Happy Valentine's Day

The children had a wonderful time at their valentine's day party. They loved creating bags for their valentines, playing games, making marshmallow creations, and passing out valentines to their friends.

They used straws to move the candy hearts.

They used marshmallows and tooth picks to build their own creations.

They played a valentine dice game, passed out their valentines, and finished the celebration with a valentine story.

Happy 100th Day of School

We celebrated the hundredth day by doing lots of different activities with 100. Thanks to our volunteers for making this fun event happen!

The students made a prediction about how far 100 footsteps would take them. Then they counted their footsteps to find out!

They wrote about what they would want 100 of...

and what they would NOT want 100 of...

They even wrote their numbers to 100!

Polar Express Day

We enjoyed getting cozy in our pajamas and watching the Polar Express. Mrs. Grosso even played some of the music from the movie during P.E.

Gingerbread Houses

The kids loved our gingerbread unit. We read 5 different gingerbread stories. The class had a great time comparing and contrasting the adventures of the gingerbread man. They noticed similar repeating words as well as differences in story lines and characters. They also made gingerbread men during math. They glued sequin buttons to represent a number sentence. They were able to use their creativity during writing to tell how they would catch a gingerbread man. Thank you to everyone that came in on Wednesday to help build the gingerbread houses. They had so much fun.

Thanksgiving Writing

The students wrote a sentence about something they are thankful for. They also wrote a sentence about what they like to do on Thanksgiving. They are developing more and more as writers each day. They have been doing a fabulous job using the word wall to spell their sight words. They're also working hard at remembering to put spaces between their words.

I am thankful for God. I like to eat turkey on Thanksgiving. -Carr

I am thankful for colors. I like to eat turkey on Thanksgiving. - Mila

I am thankful for candy canes. I will eat turkey on Thanksgiving. -Sarah

I am thankful for Caroline. She is nice. I like to go to Wisconsin. -Ronan

I am thankful for my grandma cooking turkey on Thanksgiving. -Zander

I am thankful for my family. I really like to play games on Thanksgiving. -Vivienne

I am thankful for my mom and dad. I will sleep on Thanksgiving. -Cyprian

I am thankful for my family and turkey. -Nathan

I am thankful for great grandma Betty. I like my family. -Miles

I am thankful for grandma and grandpa. I like ham on Thanksgiving. -Lizzie

I am thankful for going to our Aunt's house on Thanksgiving. -Charlotte

I am thankful for Derek and Carr. On Thanksgiving I eat chicken. -John Patrick

I am thankful for my dad. I like my dad. I like celebrating my dad's birthday. -Ava

I am thankful for Harland. I eat turkey on Thanksgiving. - Derek

I am thankful for Vivienne. I do like turkey on Thanksgiving. -Molly

I am thankful for some things and Ronan and Charlotte and other people in my class. I like going out on Thanksgiving with my family. -Caroline

I am thankful for Charlotte. I like to go to Virginia. -Harland

I am thankful for Zander. He is nice. -John

I am thankful for my family. I like to go to a parade on Thanksgiving. -Reese

I am thankful for Reese. I like to go to Lake Delvin. -Nora

I am thankful for Mrs. Johnson.

I like to eat turkey. -Olivia

Happy Halloween

We had a blast at our halloween party! They loved playing pin the nose on the pumpkin, ring toss with witch's hats, and bean bag pumpkin toss. They also used their fine motor skills to make a spider web with yarn. Thank you to everyone that brought small gifts to pass out, and to our room parents for the fun games. We wrapped up our celebration with the kindergarten parade. A fun time was had by all.

Count by Tens

We used our class pumpkin from the pumpkin farm for a few different math lessons this week. They learned how to estimate by guessing how many seeds are in the pumpkin. We worked together to count all of the seeds by making groups of ten. Each child reached their hand into the pumpkin and described how it felt. After we made groups of ten, we counted by tens to make hundreds. We counted 560 seeds in all. Nathan's estimation of 400 was the closest to the actual amount. A few days later we used the dried pumpkin seeds for an addition activity.

Pumpkin Farm Field Trip

Thank you to all of our volunteers. Everyone had a great time! We watched a short video about Goebbert's pumpkin farm and learned all about how pumpkins grow. Then we enjoyed a nice wagon ride. When we got off the wagon we got to see a pumpkin eating dinosaur. That was a big hit! Then we broke off into groups and saw lots of animals. Everyone got to pick out a small pumpkin, gord, and indian corn to take home. It was a great time. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Math with Partners

We have been working with numbers from 0-10 throughout the month of September. The kids have enjoyed several different partner games to reinforce our learning targets. They played a game called "Bump it" which is shown in several of the pictures below. They get to roll dice, count the dots, and then put a counter on the number of objects that represents the same number. If their partner rolls the same number, then they have the opportunity to "bump" their partners counter off of their space. Whoever has the most counters wins. We have also introduced new variations of the game such as playing with two dice and adding the numbers together. They have also played where they have to add "one more" to the number rolled.

We've worked a lot on the concepts of greater than, less than, and equal to. They've practiced comparing numbers with number cards, dice, and Smartboard games. They are becoming familiar with ten frames as well. If you want your child to have some extra practice, they can complete any of the pages in Chapters 1 and 2.