First Class:

New Teachers as Great Digital Citizens

As more and more technology-exposed millennials enter the workforce, how can we encourage mindful digital citizenship in both our staff and students? Whether a novice or experienced teacher, all staff can model great digital citizenship for their students and increase the digital competency of their school overall. As school leaders, how can we train new staff to understand norms and etiquette, to collaborate with peers, and create original materials? Within the framework of the 4 Cs (communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking), this session will present training strategies to help new staff navigate the ever-changing world of digital integration, and how to build positive habits from the start of their careers as 21st century educators.

Let's teach new tech-savvy teachers to be great digital citizens and model that for their students. Learning school culture, collaboration with peers, creating original material is crucial to the 21st century educator. Explore strategies to support your staff in their journey as global role models to their students.