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ISAIL Standard 2

Learning Target: I can determine accuracy, relevance, and comprehensiveness of information.

What do I need to know?

The internet is full of information. Some is reliable, and unfortunately, some is not. Some is even intentionally wrong (called fake news). It is important for us to determine the quality of a source before using it in a research project.

How can I check if sources will be appropriate for my project?

There are many tools available to you including your own good judgement. Put your sources to the test using the tools below. Do they pass?

In general, you are looking to see that a source demonstrates:

  • Currency - the timeliness of the information fits the needs of your project
  • Relevance - the information is important to the needs of your project
  • Authority - the source of the information can be trusted
  • Accuracy - the content is correct and can be verified
  • Purpose - the information you are using was created to inform



Use the CRAAP test to determine if a website is acceptable to use in your research

Identifying High Quality Sites

Use this checklist to determine if a website is acceptable for your research


Tree Octopus

Practice the CRAAP Test on this site about the Tree Octopus. Would you use this for your research?

Factitious - Fake News Game

Can you identify fake news? Put your knowledge to the test!

Key Terms in Review