62 Studios is a middle school club for student filmmakers to acquire and practice skills to express their ideas through storytelling and film.

The 62 Studios is led by Tech Specialists Dan Chianelli and Pablo Sands at Iroquois Community School for 6th graders.

Film Shots and Composition

Learning about shot types, composition, rule of thirds and the importance of continuity in scenes.

Students filming shots for their first digital story. Their challenge is to create a story using 6 different shot types utilizing the proper professional film techniques.

Learning about editing film, match cuts, and when/why to use transitions.

30 Second Radio Ad

30 Second Audio Ad Process
Editing in Garageband

Students timing out their radio ad voiceovers before they enter the recording studio. The acoustic foam baffles they made help them to control their sound and reduce outside noises.

Student's produce a TV ad for a product they designed.