Infinite Campus allows users to make online payments for fees and/or deposit money into food service accounts for members of a household.

Step 2: Click Payments link

Step 3: Choose the amount of the fee payment by

    • Entering the amount to be paid in the Payment field, OR
    • Clicking the amount of the fee included in the Due column to auto-fill the full fee amount due

Step 4: Click Continue to proceed to the Payment Method screen.

Note: If the entered amount that is being paid is less than the required minimum payment amount, an error message displays. Click OK and reenter the total amount to be paid. The minimum amount displays at the top of the Payments tab.

Step 5: Select the appropriate payment method (previously registered). Click Continue to proceed to the fees Confirmation page.

Step 6: Review the payment information. If a receipt of this payment is desired, enter the email address where the receipt should be sent in the Receipt Email Address field.

Note: If a Convenience Fee applies, it displays on this page and is included in the Total.

Step 7: Click Make Payment to process the fees payment.

Result: When the transaction is processed, the Payment Receipt screen will display.

To print a copy of the receipt, click Print in the lower right-hand side of the screen. To return to the main Payments screen, click Back To Payments. If an email address was entered to receive a receipt, it will look similar to this: