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Our Vision

Our Vision is to kickstart aquaponics education in the Grand Valley. By applying a gardening system to other schools, we can help fund our school district overall to improve education. This program has educational benefits through the four core subjects while educating students about real world topics such as food and water conservation, nutritional education, and local agriculture to benefit the wellness of our planet.

Why aquaponics?

Why take up time that could be used towards math or science? It's simple really, during the process of gardening and growing in aquaponics, students learn basic and complicated mathematics along with physical and life science, biology, social studies and english literacy. This is just one of many examples of how aquaponics helps students, but it can also help in a wide range of other ways as well, aquaponics is:​

  • Environmentally responsible, with low water usage and low power usage.

  • The primary inputs to the system are fish food and water.

  • Low susceptibility to pests and diseases.

The list goes on and on! There's timely crop turn around, increased crop production per square foot versus traditional farming, and it's orgainc!

Our Community

Grand Junction is full of opportunities and a constant place of change. Our contribution to this change is for a healthier, brighter, and much better future for our Valley. Here at R5, we strive for a better, higher quality of life through the food we eat, choices we make, community we build, and our education.

Hear our Story!

Some words from teachers and learners that have experienced the garden and aquaponics program. We cherish the mistakes we make and lessons learned from them. Being in the garden creates a flexible mindset that we can apply to real life. And learning about growing food is an important skill to live a healthy life. With the significant rise in human population, our main question for the learners is:

How will we grow enough food for 10 billion people? Which is estmiated to be in 2050...

Mr. Mariz

How has the garden affected your learning experience?"I love being able to do something with my work, and bring it into the school experience. I like teaching students about agriculture. It's a great time to learn about the students. The conversations about students life and hobbies is great instead of the regular classroom experience."


How has R-5 changed your experience on education?"Coming to R-5 has made me a more calm and relaxed person. Being hands on with the garden and building things, Made me receive more credits and has made me like coming to school. R-5's experience has made class more enjoyable."
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How has the garden and aquaponics ehanced your learning expeirenc?

It really helps tie everything together. We are learning about nutrition and health in both science and reading class. The aquaponics gives you insight on how awesome growing stuff like that can be and how much energy is used with commerically grown produce, which is sad, because everyone can be doing it like this.