Grand Junction High School

Tri-S Chapter


the National Honor Society

Late Breaking News!

  1. If you received an acceptance letter, please note these corrections:

** No RSVP is necessary -- just show up at 1 of the 2 informational meetings.

** The date for Induction is THURSDAY, APRIL 4!

Induction practice is on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3rd in the auditorium at 2:55 P.M. It will last about 25 minutes.

2. Current members: Officer applications are due by 3 PM on Tuesday, February 26.

3. For current members: Be sure to complete all volunteer obligations by the end of Quarter 3!

Providing Service to the community of Grand Junction is the core of our chapter.

Meetings for 2018-2019

Library - 2:55 P.M. - Tuesdays

Meetings usually last 20 minutes.

February 5

March 5

April 9 (Only for newly-inducted members.)

Our Induction Ceremony will take place on Thursday, April 4, 2019 at 6:00 P.M. Candidates need to report to the cafeteria no later than 5:40 P.M.


Meetings for 2019-2020

Time and Location to be Determined


(These dates will be finalized shortly.)

September 3

October 1

November 5

January 7

February 4

March 3

April 7