Pikes Peak Early College

Enrollment Steps

Please review all steps prior to starting the enrollment, as you will need documents to complete the process. It is imperative that you read all instructions for each section.

STEP 1: Watch Intro Video

Watch introduction video PRIOR TO STEP TWO

STEP 2: Complete 17-18 Pre-enrollment Form (This will start your enrollment process )

Please complete all fields within the pre-enrollment form below


STEP 3: Email Qualification Documents:

All required documents must be uploaded for the evaluation process. Missing documents may prevent enrollments or delay the process.

9th and 10th Grade Students: must submit current class schedule and transcript (and any test scores if completed)

11th and 12th Grade Students: must submit all documents listed below

Email Documents to PPEC

Please click on link above to open an email window and attach all below documents. Enter students name as the subject before sending.

  • Accuplacer Scores (Print out and scan/email to PPEC)
  • ACT/SAT Scores (Copy of your scores)
  • Current Class Schedules (Unofficial is acceptable)
  • Transcript (Unofficial is acceptable)

STEP 4: Enroll in Pikes Peak Community College

You must apply for COF (College Opportunity Fund). This is one of the steps in the PPCC application.

**If you do not apply for the COF, you will be required to pay approximately $75 per credit**

Please click the link below to enroll at PPCC

Complete Your Enrollment at Pikes Peak Community College

STEP 5: Teacher Recommendation Forms

You are required to request recommendations from TWO different current teachers/administrators who will fill out the form on your behalf. Once the recommendation is submitted, PPEC will have access to it. The form is considered private, you will not receive a copy, nor will the instructor.

**Please follow up with instructor/administrator to ensure the form was submitted.**

STEP 6: Receive an Acceptance or Denial Letter

You will receive a letter of acceptance or denial within 7 work days of completing all documentation and submissions.

You will be contacted by our enrollment facilitator to meet with our College Advisor.

If you have any questions please email our registrar,

Irene O'Neal

Thank You For Visiting