High School Parent University

Training modules and presentations on this page are from the August 6, 2018 parent training for Middle and High School Students.

Parent University-Welcome Back 18-19

Summary and Outline

This module describes what it means to be an autonomous learner. We will walk through what it means to be a student at SSAE.

  • Blended versus. Full Autonomy
  • Teacher preparation and planning
  • Criteria for Students
  • What does the rubric look like?

2 Keeping the Peace with Love and Logic

Love and Logic Communication_Parent_University

Summary and Outline

What are you expected to do as parents to help keep your students on track? This module explains how to create a productive work environment for your student home and some strategies to assist you in keeping them on track.

  • Resources
  • Making a home workspace
  • Working from home
  • Why Love and Logic?
  • Neutralizing Arguing

3 Social Media

How to Use Twitter SSAE

Summary and Outline

Twitter has become a highly effective social media platform to celebrate students and extend the

  • Short and sweet message
  • Connect to what you want
  • No weird algorithms
  • Stay connected with school
  • Have fun with social media again

4 Schoology Gradebook

Schoology Gradebook

Summary and Outline

Your students are using a variety of platforms for learning, from Edgenuity to ALEKS. Schoology is where all of the grades will be kept, including the activities completed in class. Using the Schoology gradebook and your parent login, you can access "one-stop-shop" for all your gradebook needs and student view of each corse.

  • Creating Schoology Account
  • What the gradebook will look like
  • Schoology resources
  • Demo Account Logins

Summary and Outline

This module describes how to keep in touch with your student's grades, and school events. This is a tutorial on how to communicate via phone and text with your student's teachers. Also, we know its hard to manage all the emails you get, so there are several useful tools to help you keep your school emails in one useful spot.

  • Why commuicate?
  • Effective communication
  • Managing school email
  • Setting up email filters (school folder for email)