High School Parent University

Training modules and presentations on this page are from the August 29, 2018 parent training for High School Students.

1 Schoology Parent Access

One Gradebook to Rule them All!

Summary and Outline

This module guides you in setting up a parent account in Schoology, what to look for in the gradebook, and what to do when grades don't look so bright.

  • Signing Up for Parent Access in Schoology
  • Looking at the Gradebook
  • Having your student show you Edgenuity
  • Request Edgenuity Access at bit.ly/EdgeRequest

2 ALEKS Math Training

Welcome to Math Parent Training 8/29/2018

Summary and Outline

This presentation will layout expectations for High School Math, acquaint you with ALEKS and the policies surrounding ALEKS, and lastly, help you monitor your student's progress.

  • Why ALEKS?
  • Math Requirements
  • Classroom Expectations
  • Grading