Barb Food Mart is open on Thursdays from 4:30-6:00.

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Barb Food Mart Is Now Registering Families

For The 2018-2019 School Year.

If you are a NEW family, ask your school secretary to send in the BFM Verification Form. Then, bring your ID each week. Over the summer, you may also go go the Education Center (on South Fourth Street) to get a BFM Verification Form. If you were registered last year, you DO NOT need a new Verification Form. Just update your info at BFM.

Send any questions to:

Latest News

December 2018

So many recent gifts and givers--tag a friend, and share the thanks!

We serve about 75 DeKalb School District families a week. Take a look at some of the folks who help us do it:

Thanks to volunteers Kim Walker and Krystle Tate who sorted and shelved donations. It saved us time and was much needed!

Deborah Booth manages donations as they come in and applies for grants that can help us in the future. She writes press releases, does interviews, and creates programs that explain who we are and what we do to people who give us financial support. Deb also shows up for community meetings and events when a Barb Food Mart representative is needed. Thank you, Deb, for covering so many bases for us!

Thank you to all the groups and individuals who give us donations of money, canned and boxed food, paper goods, and personal care items. Recently we have received them from:

Peggy Pinter

Mitzi Lavender

Mike and Ruth Maher

Sue Dunaway

Colin Booth

Ruth Anne and Peter Tobias

Ron and Jacque Mazanowski

Officer Sullivan

Bessie Chronopoulos

Thelma Petros

DeKalb American Legion Auxiliary #66

DeKalb High School Key Club

DeKalb 428 PE Teachers

Northern Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Association

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of DeKalb

Brooks Elementary School teacher Amy Fontana posts our photos and info on Facebook and our website whenever we ask. (I’m sure I’ve interrupted many a baseball game and family dinner--thanks, Amy! Here’s another!)

Christ Community Church’s members of all ages have recently given to us. Their 60+ Group and the young people in their group called EPIC provided us with bags and bags of donations that have already been shared with the families that shop with us. Wonderful!

NIU Graduate School’s Bonni Feltz and Theresa LaRocco recently gave food, paper goods, personal care items, and clothing. Our shoppers chose hats, mittens, and scarves; a warm winter coat found a new owner, and a beautiful quilt went home with a grandmother for her baby grandchild. Thank you, ladies!

Drs. Kellen and Ramona Bosma provided us with toothbrushes and travel size toothpaste. Personal care items can be expensive, and we love to help our families keep their kids healthy in every way!

First Lutheran Church of DeKalb raised money for us in their “Noisy Offering” and collected enough toothbrushes to give three or four to every family who shopped with us last week. Thank you so much!

Joel Lamz and daughter Erin Lamz created individual bags of personal items for young men and women who need a little extra support. These are thoughtful collections of items that bring comfort and a smile when they are given. Thank you for filling this need!

School Board Member Val Pena-Hernandez pays for the software we use to run the pantry on a monthly basis. Another example of someone saying, “I’ll do that!”

When a community comes together to support neighbors in need, we are all better for it.

Thank you, friends! Thank you, DeKalb!

Christine Holloway

On-Site Director


A Time of Thanks

November 2018

Barb Food Mart receives every kind of help (money, time, and muscle) from every corner of School District 428. Thank you to the 170 district employees whose payroll deductions help fund our food purchases, to those who sign up to volunteer, and to those who collect donated goods on our behalf. This is a group effort, and every time we provide a single meal for a single child, it is because you are with us.

Angel Sanchez and Dori De La Cruz have joined our group of bilingual check-in volunteers. Your time and skills are much appreciated!

Thanks to Jeff Potter and the HMS custodial and maintenance crews for help with special set-ups and maintaining doors, locks, and lights in our facility.

Every Thursday morning, in the rain, sun, or snow, our morning crew unloads the truck and fills our fridges and shelves. We wish to thank all who have volunteered for this job and especially those who do it regularly: managers Barney Schroeder & Scott Cochrane, John and Pam Pickens, Ron Naylor, Paul Anderson, Anne Williams, Carol Schroeder, Nehad Orsho, Badi Mourad, Judy Stafstrom, Ellen Tyne, Trinidad Ruiz, Victoria Newport, and Nancy Partch.

If you’ve ever spent a Thursday afternoon with us, you’ve worked alongside members of our regular afternoon crew. A big thanks to the following people who give their time week after week: Katie Hallowell, Laury Hallgren, Deb Booth, Nina Fontana, Glenda Lundgren, Carol Naylor, Joanne Dillman, Julie Suter, Marahib Alotaibi, Joselyn Marquez, and Gwen Geiger.

Becky Mascal is our food ordering expert. She keeps us well stocked and watches for deals to stretch our dollars even further at Northern Illinois Food Bank. We had turkeys and hams before Thanksgiving, and we always have gallons of fresh milk and a variety of produce. Thank you, Becky, for your constant behind-the-scenes work.

Thanks to members of Hillcrest Covenant Church for volunteering with us on a monthly basis! We are so happy to have you with us on second Thursdays!

Jeanette and Susana Martin of Sycamore collected Halloween costumes again this year to give to our families in October. Kids could choose from Star Wars characters, NASCAR drivers, princesses, witches, and animals, and boy, how their faces lit up when they found a favorite! Thank you, Martin family.

And finally, we are happy to announce that Nancy Partch has joined our team as Education Director! Once again, we will be able to offer classes and educational opportunities to our shoppers while they wait for the pantry to open on Thursdays. Look for classes to start up in the new year.

A food pantry that serves 300-400 individuals a week requires a lot of support; thanks to everyone who helps make it happen!

If YOU are interested in volunteering at BFM, please email us at

Christine Holloway

Onsite Director


September 9, 2018 Update:


We have this new website thanks to the time and technical talents of Amy Fontana and Kari Colvin. What a great way to share BFM news and photos!

This summer, we were honored with generous gifts of money from Ideal Industries, DeKalb Township, and the Kishwaukee Kiwanis Club. Thank you so much for helping us feed our friends and neighbors.

The DHS Class of 1968 collected over 100 beautiful new children’s books to give to our families. As a school-based pantry, we love to promote literacy as well as healthy eating. Thank you for giving to us at the time of your celebration.

Linn Sorge, Bessie Chronopoulos, and friends from St. George Greek Orthodox Church continue to remember us with gifts of paper goods. Our families are always grateful for them.

Local gardeners Joanne Hulmes and Marrianne Anderson, Yaeger Farms, St. Mary School Garden, and members of Immanuel Lutheran Church have provided our pantry with some beautiful fresh produce this month. What a healthy choice for our shoppers!

Team Member Scott Cochrane fixed one of our heavy handcarts that had a bad wheel. Now we’re back up and rolling.

Folks from Northwestern Medicine unloaded the truck this month. We appreciate your helping hands!

Thanks to District 428 retirees and ELDC for staffing our Thursday afternoons in September with volunteers; we’ve got three or four every week, and what a difference it makes! (Brooks Elementary, you’re up next—ready to take on the challenge?) : )

Susan Bivens and Cortland Elementary are once again walking in the Sondra King Memorial CROP Hunger Walk on October 14th. Some proceeds will go to BFM. We thank them for their support! Here is how to support them:

The YMCA has returned with snack boxes for our children! Their nutritious snacks are just the thing for kids after a long day of school and help to keep them quiet and content while their parents shop. Thank you, Christin LaLonde, for continuing this valuable program!

And finally, Huntley Middle School provides us with the space to serve our families, and the custodial and maintenance crews support us in so many ways. Thank you for cleaning our facilities on a weekly basis and for fixing things when they need it. We need you and are grateful for you!

And if YOU are interested in volunteering at BFM, please email us at

Thank you!

Christine Holloway

Onsite Director


July 30, 2018 Update:

We have so many people to thank!

Donna Xidis brought in food donations and lots of reusable bags for our shoppers—they will all get used.

We have new volunteers from DeKalb County Housing Authority—thank you Jennifer Yochem and Vivian Bright for joining us.

Atlee Mathews came to help and is starting a school-based pantry in Sycamore—wonderful!

Our morning lifters, unloaders, and sorters are a super bunch! Thanks to all the new helpers and the folks who come week after week. And this week, when the truck was late!?! Thanks for hanging in there!

Our veteran afternoon volunteers each take one to four Thursdays a month. We couldn’t do it without you and are so grateful for your loyalty to BFM.

Emily Johnson and Ellen Moser have taken many afternoon slots with us this summer—great to have you with us!

Paul Anderson did double duty two weeks in a row—morning truck unloading and afternoon shopping time! Thank you so much for your generosity and helping hands.

Our super subs fill in whenever needed—thank you Gwen Geiger, Sue Richter, and Lissette Jacobson for answering the call in July!

Our regular check-in volunteers greet shoppers in Spanish and English—thank you, Vicky Aburto, Emily Quade, and Steph Spooner.

And if YOU are interested in volunteering at Barb Food Mart, please email us!