3rd Grade


This week in 3rd grade, we reviewed the half rest by learning about Sassy Half Note's Hat in Note Neighborhood. It takes up two beats of silence. We also learned about time signatures and their purpose in music. The top number tells us how many beats are in each measure. The bottom number tells us what kind of note equals one beat. Most often in music, we see 4/4 as our time signature.


This week and over the next few weeks we will be learning about Note Neighborhood! This is a great tool for students during class to learn about the different rhythmic concepts during their whole time at Forest Glen. They had a quick review of Ta and Ti-Ti and even reviewed Ta-a (Half note) and we will really be focusing on barlines for the next few weeks. Barlines are essential in music. They divide up the beats of music and make them even. We will be reviewing how to draw barlines and how to place them in a song.


Last week, 3rd grade took a field trip to Glenbard West to hear the Marching Band and the Orchestra perform as part of our tone color unit. A great time was had by all. Students were able to really use their knowledge of the instruments and they enjoyed themselves. We are finishing up testing on the sounds of the instruments this week and then we will begin reviewing half notes and barlines so we can compose short rhythms and ready ourselves for another test in a few more weeks.