As an innovative educator, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed at the amount of educational technology options that are available and that you would love to use, but don’t have the time to explore?

Here is the workshop for you! Participate and practice with teachers who leverage technology to their benefit in daily work with students.

Built-in time will be given during the sessions to work through applications with a facilitator to get your ideas moving for the classroom the next day!

This professional development is for teachers who are aware of many of these tools, but have a desire to explore further to see how it can enhance their instruction. We look forward to a day of learning, exploring, and networking!

AIMS will offer 5 CPDUs for this professional development event.


Melissa Creech

Glenbard West High School District #87

Melissa is the Director of Instructional Technology for Glenbard 87 and a former English teacher. She is passionate about using technology in meaningful ways in the classroom.


Exploring SAMR

Explore Dr. Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR theory for integrating technology into the classroom with student-centered activities and a focus on the 4Cs: communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Participants will assess sample SAMR lessons and discuss ways to enhance these lessons.

Kathie Battle, Jill Beauregard, Patty Riemer

Gregory Middle School, Indian Prairie 204

An art teacher, a science teacher, and an ELA teacher, with a combined total of 57 years of teaching experience, are still open to new ideas and are willing to take risks and implement new technology.

When Pear Deck Meets Google Slides

Improve your Google Slide presentations with interactive slides and engaging activities, while also collecting data, conducting formative assessments, and improving your classroom management. If the three of us can do it, anyone can!

Chris Abbott

Hadley Junior High, Glen Ellyn 41

Chris is a library media specialist who assists students and staff with employing technology to enhance teaching and learning. With an eye on the SAMR model, Chris seeks to leverage technology to innovate classrooms. He helps to create a supportive environment so that teachers and students can feel confident in taking some risk.

Digital Tools and the 4Cs

Creating, collaborating, communicating, and critical thinking are all tenets of 21st century learning. This session will provided a framework for leveraging technology to meet the demands of using a 4Cs pedagogy. Additionally, the session will provide resources for implementing the 4Cs in the classroom the next day!

Beth Rihtar

Emerson Middle School, Park Ridge-Niles District 64

Beth Rihtar is in her 5th year as an Instructional Technology Coach with District 64. Beth is passionate about providing relevant professional development and likes editing media and creating new things. She’s a certified music teacher, and you can follow her on Twitter @bethrihtar.

Ideas for Formative Assessment--Google Forms and Beyond!

Time is precious, but we want to check in with our students so we can see how they’re progressing. How can we leverage technology to work smarter, not harder--and find out how students are doing? In this session we’ll look at some new ways to use Google Forms, Plickers, Flipgrid, and more to measure student understanding.

Janelle Tregoning & Vivian Mihalopoulos

Lincoln Junior High School, Skokie #69

Janelle's Bio: After 19 years of experience as a dynamic social science educator in middle school, I have acquired a comprehensive knowledge base and a collaborative structure which cultivates an engaging learning community. I am the social science department leader, teach 6th grade social science, and am a new teacher mentor. I recently presented Honey, I Shrunk the Artifacts at NCSS (National Council for the Social Studies) 2018 in Chicago.

Vivian's Bio: After 9 years in the classroom, I became the Library Media Center Director at Lincoln Junior High School. For the past 9 years as Library Director, I have have supported, designed and implemented authentic use of instructional technology in the classrooms with varying subject matter.

Honey, I Shrunk the Artifacts!

Learn how a middle school gave their students the opportunity to “touch the past” by utilizing 3D digitization resources from world class museums in an ancient world history class; Understand how to access growing collections of artifacts available for 3D printing; Learn how the team designed a lesson using state standards to foster inquiry skills, promote interest in primary resources and incorporated technology as a tool for understanding the past.

Many social science educators are challenged daily to prove the relevance of their content in preparing students for their future careers. Through this presentation, we hope that others will learn from our experience to provide their students with engaging content, skills to be future ready and to demonstrate that the study of the social sciences is relevant and worthy.

Matt Bruns

Hadley Junior High, Glen Ellyn #41

Matt is a special education teacher who loves to leverage technology. He continually strives to improve teaching and learning through innovation to benefit not only his special education students, but for all learners. Matt looks to technology not to simply substitute the old with the new, but really examines how technology can redefine learning environments.

Student Created Podcasts and Ted Talks

Learn the basics of the podcast/Ted Talk structure and the tech tools to make it happen! Participants will engage in the production process, from storyboarding and script writing, to recording and sharing student-created content!

Maggie Blackburn, Mike Bradford & Alan McCormick

Belvidere CUSD #100

Maggie Blackburn is going on her sixth year of teaching 5th grade in Belvidere School District #100. As an elementary teacher, she has taught all five subjects, including recently trying out compartmentalizing, where she taught math to all the 5th grade sections.

Mike Bradford has been an instructional coach for technology in Belvidere School District #100 for the past two years and has been in education for 28 years. Before being an instructional coach, he taught 5th, 6th, and 7th grades.

Alan McCormick has been an instructional coach for technology in Belvidere School District #100 for the past four years and has been an educator for 13. He spent his first nine years in Belvidere as a physical education teacher then transitioned into the tech role. He has worked in Belvidere to help implement a 1:1 Chromebook program and he is also a Google Certified Trainer.

Get More “Googley” to Make Your Life Easier

This session will cover the newest features of Google’s G-Suite for Education and how they can be utilized in the classroom. We will cover topics from new accessibility features to creative ways to use the existing Google tools to enhance the learning experience for students and to make your workflow more efficient. Even if you are not in a Google district many of these features can help you with your personal life as well. Life is hard, let Google make it easier.

Jennifer Smith

Monticello Middle School

Jennifer teaches eighth grade science at Monticello Middle School. She is a National Board Certified Teacher in her fourteenth year of teaching. In addition to teaching, Jennifer sponsors the eighth-grade science club and is supervises the middle school makerspace.

Implementing Flipped Classroom in the Middle School

In this session participants will learn how one teacher flipped her middle school science classroom. Classroom-tested methods and suggestions for implementing a flipped classroom structure will be discussed. Participants will also learn about some of the free technology tools available for flipping.

Kelly Johnson

Hadley Junior High

Kelly Johnson is a National Board Certified teacher in Career and Technical Education. She has been teaching Computer Technology/STEM classes at Hadley Junior High School for the past 11 years.

Increase Student Engagement with EdPuzzle and Seesaw

Teachers are always looking for new ways to better engage kids and reach those reluctant learners. Edpuzzle and Seesaw are two ways to do this. Edpuzzle allows teachers to take any video from YouTube, Khan, Crash Course, TED, etc, trim it, and then add in interactive questions. You can track your student’s viewing habits, prevent skipping on the video, and see the answers they gave to your questions. Seesaw provides multiple opportunities for students to be demonstrating their learning in authentic ways. Students can utilize photos, videos, drawings, images from their camera rolls, notes, links, or even files from their Google Drive. Providing students with choice is an important piece for allowing students to demonstrate learning and achieve mastery. Additionally, by organizing their content into folders, Seesaw gives students and teachers a way to create a ‘portfolio’ of authentic learning that they can share with their parents.

Kiran Sidhpura

Stevenson Middle School

Video broadcasting is a great way for students to use video to create presentation for classroom. We are using the apps that allow us to create video broadcasting for our daily announcements. Great way to get information to all.

Video Broadcasting

This session will:

Introduce app for broadcasting

Provide resources that may be needed to create videos

Provide Examples of how this can be use in curriculum and by students for presentations.

Megan Preis

Lincoln Middle School

Megan Preis is an Instructional Technology Coach at Lincoln Middle School in Park Ridge, IL. She has taught multiple subjects, including STEM, and coached at the elementary and middle school levels. She is passionate about instructional design using technology!

Using Technology to Transform Differentiation

This session would cover tools that can support and enhance differentiation practices in the middle school classroom. This includes methods and tools for student conferencing, giving students feedback, using Hyperdocs to provide learning pathways, and effective formative assessment tools.