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*The Team Leader for all of Explore is Pam Watts


Martin Gabel - 6th Grade

Melanie Lipecki - 6th Grade

Rebecca Olson - 6th Grade

Bridget Alcala - 7th Grade

Tracey Jensen - 7th Grade

Renee Boehm - 8th Grade

Kathy Goettel - 8th Grade

Katie Homola - 8th Grade

TREK - Teaching Resiliency, Encouraging Kids

TREK is a semester-long course designed to support students as they navigate the potential stressors that can be part of the middle school day. Through TREK, students benefit from a nurturing teacher who provides mentoring, creates opportunities to strengthen individual and group problem- solving and decision-making skills, and designs activities to foster increased social awareness. In addition, TREK teachers help students with study skills and organization. TREK allows not only a daily check-in with a trusted teacher but also offers time to practice emerging strengths within the classroom as they complete homework assignments.