There are many tools, resources, and applications that can be used to enhance student learning and develop their lifelong learning skills. The Sphero is one of these tools. It is amazingly versatile and will engage and empower your students. A tennis ball sized robot connected via bluetooth to a mobile device, the Sphero can be used to transform teaching and learning across various curriculum areas.

Ollie and Darkside


A total adrenaline junkie that draws its energy from unbridled speed and extreme stunts

Command this app-enabled robot to execute tricks and dominate every inch of turf, trail and track. There’s a rebel lying deep in Ollie’s soul. Does it lay in yours?

This machine tops out at 14 mph (6m/s) – faster than you can run

Equip Ollie with grip tires for off-road traction or remove them to drift on smooth surfaces.


An electrical beast that draws its energy from unrestrained competition and reckless abandonment

Devious. Defiant. Diabolical. Dangerous. Command this app-enabled robot with these forces to unleash its unrivaled power. But take heed – the Darkside will overpower anything standing in the way of victory – including its master. You have been warned.


The tiny Ozobot robots move by following lines that you have drawn either on a piece of paper or on a screen, and you can customize what they do by changing the colors of the lines and creating different color sequence combinations. Some of the actions include getting the Ozobot to spin in a circle, or speed up (turbo charge).

Visit the Ozobot YouTube Channel for video tutorials, inspiration, and more!

cue the Cleverbot

Cue is an incredibly clever robot with a witty attitude that’s full of interactive surprises! Choose from 4 unique avatars to customize cue with a personality that’s right for you. The more you explore, the more you’ll discover what cue can do.

Experience interactive communication unlike any other robot. New Emotive AI systems, more memory, improved sensors, upgraded processors, and advanced Bluetooth capabilities make cue a true CleverBot.

Dot and Dash

Dash and Dot are robots that can sense, act and think! Students use block coding on two different iPad apps to control their robots. Record your voice to narrate these robots and share your learning/knowledge. Maker materials can be added such as- lego, tape, cardboard, and other accessories to transform your robots and create even more possibilities.

Providing a similar visual programming language to that of Scratch, the Blocky App (on the iPads) provides endless programming opportunities, sequence events, conditionals and loops. Snap blocks together to give commands to Dash & Dot. You can even record your voice or message and Dash will repeat it upon command. Learn to code with just a touch of a button.


The Hummingbird robotics kit allows students to create and program robots built from electronic components and craft materials.

The Hummingbird Duo premium kit contains everything you need to build an intricate, complex robot with tons of moving parts and flashing lights. Sensors in the premium kit allow your robot to sense nearby objects or humans, sounds, light levels, or temperature.

Check out these awesome projects middle school students did using Hummingbird Robotics Kits!

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to find out more!

mBot Ranger

mBot Ranger is a three-in-one STEM educational robot kit which supports three building forms: a robot tank, a three-wheeled racing car, and a self-balance car. Program and control mBot Ranger via smartphone, tablets, or computer to start your exploration in the world of robotics.