Do you consider yourself an

Artist, Engineer, Developer or Maker?

Then you should check out the TMS 7/8 Makerspace!

The TMS Makerspace is a DIY space where students and staff can gather to create, invent, and learn. It provides creative time and space for students to build prototypes, explore questions, fail and retry, bounce ideas off one another and build something together. Electronics, 3D printing, film production, coding, and artistic design are just a few of the many opportunities that await.

Makerspaces: the benefits

  • Builds Perseverance – Failure Is a Lesson, Not an End
  • Inspires Further Investigations
  • Encourages Rethinking the Concept
  • Teaches Basic Problem Solving
  • Engages Minds and Encouraging Questions
  • Provides a Way of Expression and Conversation
  • Provides a Connection between Lessons and the Real World
  • Facilitates Ideas and Innovation
  • Provides a Memorable Lesson That Improves Understanding
  • Makerspaces within school libraries provide powerful contexts and opportunities for students to learn and develop new skills.

  • Authentic, real-world experiences engage students, enabling them to see beyond their own context to understand the applications of what they are learning and doing. Maker learning is designed to provide such authentic experiences.

  • By exposing students to new skills and technologies and opening doors to new career paths, makerspaces can help to prepare students for the future and ignite a passion for lifelong learning.