Bloxels is a hands-on platform for students to build, collaborate, and tell stories through video game creation. Use colored blocks to design characters and settings to tell amazing stories! The game board is scanned using the free iPad app to make the creation come to life! Bloxels has an amazing online resource center to help you get started!

LittleBits Code Kit

Build a mini computer and use codes to make games with LittleBits! A programmable microprocessor with support for three inputs and outputs. It uses a wireless connection to the Code Kit app on your PC or Chromebook through a USB dongle, like connecting a wireless mouse to a computer.


There are many different tools that can be used for creative computing. Scratch is a free computer programming language available at With Scratch, you can create a wide variety of interactive media projects, such as animations, stories, games, and more. Don't stop there, share these projects with others in an online community. Since Scratch’s launch in 2007, hundreds of thousands of people all around the world have created and shared more than 6 million projects!