Artistic Creations


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Duct Tape

Customize your world with colorful, durable duct tape! Awesome Duct Tape Projects is packed with awesome new duct tape activities for both guys and girls. Whether your look is bold, funky, or hip, this ultimate duct tape idea book will get you rolling with cool projects for your room, for school, for play, and just for STYLE!

Circle/Flower Looms

Best directions for flower loom start at 5:00 until 18:00


Paper Circuits

Make simple or complex electrical circuits on a flat piece of paper!

Using copper tape and surface-mount LEDs allows you to make a fully functional circuit on a flat surface, like a piece of paper. You can make light-up greeting cards, make origami animals come to life, or create three-dimensional pop-up paper sculpture that have working lights in them.

Paper Circuits Christmas Tree


Turn a single sheet of colored paper into an animal, a hat, a boat, a drinking cup... you name it! The Japanese craft of paper-folding has been passed down for generations to enjoy and has spread all over the world. Give it a go the next time you are in the Makerspace.

Check out these books in the LRC to see how it's done!