3D Design


Tinkercad is an easy software that students can use to create a 3D model. It is browser-based, so there is nothing to download or install. It is free and straightforward to learn. Students can become familiar with the basic concepts of 3D printing and the process of how to create and modify a 3D model using basic shapes.

Materials to Get Started:

Once you have created your free Tinkercad account, work through the beginner tutorials.

Click here to learn even more about the features that make Tinkercad so user-friendly.

Looking for inspiration?

3D Doodle Pen

The 3D pen works by extruding heated plastic that cools almost instantly into a solid, stable structure, allowing for the free-hand creation of three-dimensional objects. Warning: practice makes perfect when it comes to using these pens. Before picking one up... do your research!

Access the 3D Doodle community for more stencils, tutorial videos, and project inspiration.

Watch for a little inspiration