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Coach Brooks

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First Practice is today, Aug 11 after school!

Parent Meeting to follow at 4:45!

Quick Facts for 2021-2022 Season:

  1. Practice will be Monday - Friday 3:45-5:00 p.m.

  2. Meet by the cafeteria for the first meeting.

  3. Practice pick-up will be by the tennis court.

  4. We will practice outside weather permitting wear appropriate clothing

  5. Up to date forms for the season are:

    1. Physical

    2. Agreement to Participate in Agreement to Participate in Interscholastic Athletics

    3. Cheer Contract

    4. Scrimmage Participation (In particular for 2021-2022 School year

  6. Health check, space, and mask protocol are REQUIRED to participate!

A little cheer knowledge!

There are five possible roles you can have in a stunt group: the flyer, the main base, the secondary base, the back spot, and the front spot. All roles each play a different part in making a stunt work. The most important thing is that the different people in the stunt group all work as one.

The flyer is the person who is going up in the stunt. A flyer should be confident, flexible, and have the ability to stay tight while in the air. You should also trust your bases or else you will have a difficult time trying new stunts. Core strength is thing that is very important in this role because when you are loading into the stunt you must be able to hold yourself up above your bases. Hang drills, holding yourself above your bases without them having your feet or behind, are a great way to gain these muscles. Flyers are the main focus in the stunt so they should stay relaxed and look very confident.

The main base is the person to the left of the stunt when you are looking at it and on the right if you are the flyer.As the main bases you should be sturdy and strong. The main bases is the one who picks up most of the weight in single based stunts, which is where the secondary bases goes underneath the stunt. The main bases grip will rarely change unless it is a trick stunt. The main bases eyes should always be on the flyer. The place where the strength is needed in the main bases is the legs. You should always lift and push up with your legs being that it is much harder to push with just your arms and can cause you to hurt yourself trying to do so. Squats are a great thing to build this strength because you will be squatting a lot in this role.

The secondary base is the person on the right of the stunt when looking at it and the left if you are the flyer. As the secondary bases you should also be strong and sturdy. The secondary base is the person who goes under the stunt in single based stunts and in one leg stunts. The grip of the secondary base will change in those stunts also. Eyes should always be on the flyer just like the main base. Just like the main base, the secondary must be strong in the leg and also do squats. The main bases and the secondary base must always be in sync.

The back spot is a major role in the stunt group. As the backs spot you push up from behind the flyer.The back spot will then go for the ankles to stabilize them and keep them from rolling. As a back spot your grip may only change from one ankle to two ankles. Eyes should stay on the flyer and the ankles. As a back spot you should have strong legs and strong arms and hands because you will also lift with your legs, but you will need strong arms and hands in order to grip the ankle and keep it in place. Squats and lifting weights can help you gain these muscles. The back spot should always be in sync with the bases.

The front spot is in the front of the group, but may not always be needed if the stunt is sturdy without one or if there is not enough people for one. As a front spot, the grip may change according to the bases and flyers needs. The front spot may need to push from the bottom of the stunt if power is needed or the shines if the flyer needs extra stabilizing. When going up the front spot can then either grab the toe over the grip of the main base or the wrist of the bases depending on the needs of that group. The front spot should have strong legs as well since he or she will be pushing with their legs. Squats once again will help. As a front spot the eyes should constantly be on the flyer and should be in sync with the stunt group.

All the roles in the group make a stunt hit. As a stunt group it is a team effort and everyone must work together.

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