Special Edition

Welcome to a special edition of Stargazer, where we'll stay online through our school closure.

Explore our site to find updates from editors on their day-to-day lives at home, ideas for how to shelter-in-place without losing your mind, and updates on how COVID-19 continues to affect District 303.

Stargazer: Special Edition online: Day 55

Illinois Schools Closed: Day 49

Restaurants Limited to Delivery/Carryout: Day 64

Illinois Shelter-in-Place: Day 60

D303 e-Learning: Day 42

COVID-19 in the U.S.: Day 119

COVID-19 in Illinois: Day 116

As of 5/19/20

We want your questions!

What's been confusing to you about E-learning?

What types of lists do you want to see (movie & TV recommendations, playlists, crafts)?

What questions do you have about where we're headed?


Email your questions to our editor-in-chief, Michelle Alemu.