Team 6-2 Math

Welcome to my site! I am happy that you are here! It means that my students are advocating for themselves and seeking out the help and support they need. Welcome parents and thank you for all your support! ~Mrs. Notter

Contact Information:


phone 331-228-5868

***NEED EXTRA HELP?? NEED TO MAKE UP ABSENT WORK?? Come in for extra help:

Math Breakfast every Friday from 7:45 -8:15 in Room 222- Please check in with the main office before coming upstairs!

Working lunches with Mrs. Notter - every Monday and Wednesday during 4th period - see Mrs. Notter for a pass!

Unit 4 Dividing Fractions Learning Log

All class activities and homework will be posted here. Please use this learning log to get organized, check absent work, and complete homework if you don't have your materials at home!