Welcome to Our 4th Grade Class

Dear Parents,

We had a wonderful Christmas concert from the orchestra students! I took a video and wanted to share it with you!



Dear Parents,

I very much enjoyed sitting down and meeting with all of you! I hope that I was able to answer any questions and address any concerns. Please feel free to contact me about anything else that may come up. The Read In on the Friday before break was a big hit! The kids loved it and did a great job reading and (for the most part) not spilling their hot chocolate! They loved it so much that instead of voting to earn extra recess or a movie lunch, the students voted to earn a mini-read in (with hot chocolate), when they fill their bucket. We still have PLENTY of marshmallows and powder left (thanks for the donations!). I hope that you had a wonderful break with your family and I know that the next one will be upon us before we know it!


Karen Morris


Dear Parents,

The students have been doing a remarkably good job of following expectations! We started table points today. Getting ten points earned the table a no homework pass. Two tables earned a no homework pass and the rest of the tables are almost there! Thank you for all your hard work with your children.

I also handed back our two previous math assessments for module 1 and module 2. Each assessment has a rubric attached to it. By the end of the year, students should be at Step 4. We would like the students to be in Step 2 or Step 3 at this point, but it is also OK if they are in Step 1on these assessments. The program is written so that the concepts will continue to come up and students will catch on the more they apply the concept. Please sign and return these papers on Monday.

Please sign up for a conference next week! I can't wait to meet with you to discuss your student's progress!


Ms. Morris


Dear Parents,

I hope you are having a wonderful fall! I can't believe that it is almost mid-October. There have been so many things going on in the classroom, and I will update each section. Thank you to those who ordered books! We were able to get $15 worth of new books for the classroom from the order. The students also earned their reward for getting their full bucket! We had a "movie lunch" and students were able to choose if they wanted to go to regular recess or enjoy a movie in the room at that time. We watched half of the first episode of the Netflix series A Series of Unfortunate Events. Don't forget to attend the Lincoln Family Reads Night this Wednesday from 6:30-8:00pm. If you haven't started the book yet, you still have a few days to squeeze in Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume!

I try my best to get all students in a photo. If you consistently don't see your student and would like to, you may have requested that their photos not be posted. If you are interested in changing that, please contact the office about a photo waiver.


Karen Morris

10-17-17- Dear Parents,

Tomorrow is our Module 2 assessment. The students took a practice test today in class in which they could work alone, with a partner or with a teacher. We also checked our answers together. Here is the key to the practice test that they brought home for homework. Please note the answer for number 2 as well as all the parts that need to be included to properly answer the word problems. I promise to update the rest of the site this week!

10-10-17- Dear Parents,

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend! What beautiful weather we had on Sunday and Monday! Your students worked very hard today on the Performance Series tests in Reading and Math! We also had our class picture as well as group pictures for all of the extra- curricular activities. Students who requested re-takes also had those done today.

I am also sending home a Scholastic Book Club order this week. It's full of some spooky tales for Halloween. Last month, I ordered Don't Read This Book Before Bed and it has been quite popular in the classroom! It's $8 in this month's order. The Babysitter's Club has also gotten a facelift for a new generation (and turned into graphic novels)! I devoured those books when I was a kid. Snag 4 full color books for $27. You can also find a cute pumpkin craft kit and who doesn't love spy stuff?! You can order on-line at www.scholastic.com/bookclubs and use the code HB9YL to find our class in the system!

10-3-17- Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for your time and effort at home with the practice tests, as I know that time is so very precious. The 4th grade team felt that students needed some more practice to be successful on the final assessment. We have dedicated as many class periods as we are able to review in class, so your help at home is so very much appreciated. Here is the key to tonight's practice test. This will be the final one as the test will be tomorrow.

I also wanted to let you know that we will be starting "Think Sheets" for students who need help making better choices in class. Students will fill it out themselves, identifying the choice, the alternative choices, why they made that choice and who it affected. If one should come home, please discuss it with them, sign it and return it the next day. This is meant to be a teaching tool for them and to help support them in making better choices in the future. Thank you so much for your support.

9-30-17- Students should have brought home a practice test for the Math Assessment next week. I have looked them over and asked them to fix, finish and return with them on Monday. Here is the answer key so that they can check their work at home. This has been a challenging unit, so any help you can provide with it is greatly appreciated!

Students were also given the choice to take a book home and correct their social studies assessment if they were unhappy with the results.


Dear Parents,

Thank you for all the extra help you have been providing your students at home. I know this is a challenging unit (I hear one of the most challenging...) and they are definitely improving! We have been stretching our minds to the max. I posted the homework helpers for the last few lessons the other day. I hope you found them!

In the last few weeks, after getting to know each other, we have developed a set of classroom expectations.

We came up with the expectations together, and agree that these expectation are essential for our learning. Please talk about the importance of being a good classmate with your student. I will admit, "avoiding side conversations" has been one that some have found harder to follow.

Congratulations to our three new student council representatives! Everyone did an amazing job with their speeches and should be very proud of the job they did running!

I am also excited about Book Bites and the Lincoln Family Read Aloud! Your student should have brought home a flyer about each this week. The read aloud book is one of my personal favorites Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume. You can get the book for free for your family to enjoy!

Lastly, I wanted to share something that my family has come to love. It is a science podcast called Wow in the World hosted by Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas. At 20 minutes long, the episodes are perfect for a slightly longer car ride. Episodes cover topics from the Eclipse to two headed space worms! It is created for kids, but adults will enjoy it too! You can find out more here: http://www.npr.org/podcasts/510321/wow-in-the-world


Karen Morris

Welcome to our page! You can find information about our learning, Homework Helpers for math and if you forgot your homework, you can find it here! Check back for weekly updates!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me!

A Note from Ms. Morris


Dear Parents,

I am really loving this school year and I hope that your students are too. They have a ton of personality and have been working hard in all areas. They earned their extra 30 minute recess by filling up their bucket! Yey! We are working on filling up bucket #2. Our focus is listening the first time and avoiding side conversations.

Today we had our mid-module math assessment and it looked like everyone was doing their Lincoln best! Speaking of, they have been writing like CRAZY. I have provided some copied writing paper, but they asked if they could use loose leaf paper. They certainly can, except for this was not on the 4th grade supply list, so we do not have any. If you could send in a pack of loose leaf paper with your student, it would be much appreciated.

Book orders were sent home yesterday. Please look through and see if there is anything your student is interested in. The easiest way to order is on-line at www.scholastic.com/bookclubs. The code for the class is HB9YL. Because our classroom library was short on Non-Fiction, I stocked up with some books from the public library. I've noticed students are interested in subjects ranging from butterflies (I wonder why?) to the Boston Tea Party to weird weather. Book orders are a great way to earn points and get more books for the classroom library. I look to see what is being ordered as clues to what to get. Orders are due September 20th.

Please check the other pages for subject updates! (I added a few photos and a short video).


Karen Morris

9-7-17 Students have been working hard to fill their class bucket! They get a warm fuzzy when they display good behavior or when someone does something nice for someone else. When the bucket is full, they will earn an extra 30 minutes of recess! We have also had the privilege of letting go TWO monarch butterflies. It is so cool to watch them fly off to Mexico. I am really enjoying getting to know each and every student. I hope they have enjoyed their first few days of school!